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Roel Sterken Belgium - 22-Apr-19

Here is a practical tip for those who want to skip the lines, and are not the morning bird type, like myself. Completely serendipitously I discovered that if you book a guided tour from Versailles itself (no third parties) to the king's private apartments, you'll skip all the lines, no matter what day or no matter the size of the line. My wife and I visited on easter weekend (worst timing possible) and were extremely discouraged by the HUGE lines: the entire front square was packed (est. waiting time 2h). We had booked the 'passport' ticket that gives you all access, and for €10 extra the guided tour in the apartments (which you otherwise can't visit)

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Royal Exhibition Building

Roel Sterken Belgium - 23-Sep-12

Contrary to what I read from other reviews, I must say I really enjoyed visiting the Royal Exhibition Hall. This was not in the least due to the fact that when I was visiting Melbourne, the exhibition hall was opened and in use for an annual art expo, so count me a very lucky man. The majestic grandeur of the building and colorful interior were emphasized by the tumult and spirit that the exposition brought along. The interior is beautifully restored to match the original schemes set in 1901 and a must see for anyone slightly interested in design and architecture. I stroled around for almost two hours, enjoying the feeling and awe that 19th century visitors of the Melbourne International Exhibitions must have shared with me

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