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Update 16.07.18
  1. Ancient Residences in Shanxi and Shaanxi Provinces (T)
  2. Archaeological Sites of the Ancient Shu State: Site at Jinsha and Joint Tombs of Boat- shaped Coffins in Chengdu City, S (T)
  3. Asbads (windmill) of Iran (T)
  4. Capital Fortifications of Hanyang : Hangyangdoseong Capital City Wall, Bukhansanseong Mountain Fortress and Tangchundaeseong Defense Wall (T)
  5. Chinese Section of the Silk Road (T)
  6. City Walls of the Ming and Qing Dynasties (T)
  7. Dali Chanshan Mountain and Erhai Lake Scenic Spot (T)
  8. Delhi - A Heritage City (T)
  9. Dong Villages (T)
  10. Fenghuang Ancient City (T)
  11. Jame' (Congregational) Mosque of Esfahan (T)
  12. Karez Wells (T)
  13. Lingqu Canal (T)
  14. Nasqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab (T)
  15. Persepolis and other relevant buildings (T)
  16. Qinghai Lake (T)
  17. Silk Roads Sites in Uzbekistan (T)
  18. Sites for Liquor Making in China (T)
  19. Slender West Lake and Historic Urban Area in Yangzhou (T)
  20. Taihang Mountain (T)
  21. Tape Sialk (T)
  22. The Ancient Waterfront Towns in the South of Yangtze River (T)
  23. The Aniene valley and Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli (T)
  24. The Central Axis of Beijing (including Beihai) (T)
  25. The Chinese Section of the Silk Roads (T)
  26. The Four Sacred Mountains as an Extension of Mt. Taishan (T)
  27. The Historical City of Maybod (T)
  28. The Historical-Cultural Axis of Fin, Sialk, Kashan (T)
  29. The Lijiang River Scenic Zone at Guilin (T)
  30. The Persian House in Central plateau of Iran (T)
  31. The Zandiyeh Ensemble of Fars Province (T)
  32. Vertical Vegetation Landscape and Volcanic Landscape in Changbai Mountain (T)
  33. Western Xia Imperial Tombs (T)
  34. Wooden Structures of Liao Dynasty - Wooden Pagoda of Yingxian County, Main Hall of Fengguo Monastery of Yixian County (T)
  35. Yalong, Tibet (T)

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