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Years ago, when I first learned about the World Heritage Sites, I set out on a mission to visit every site and experience everything in between. Looking upon the community members on this website, it is fair to say I have a bit more catching up to do... But, with anything in life, a positive attitude with a smile makes the mission much more worthwhile and fun!

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National History Park

Jacob Choi United States of America - 27-Dec-23

National History Park

N.B. I typically don't do reviews, but after being nudged by others-and the fact that it has been over 10 years since the last review, I decided to give in and write something.

When I was a young child I would go on this website in its early days and look up the reviews of Solivagant. I read/re-read those reviews and my heart would swoon thinking that I too would want to go to those places when I am older... So, are the ruins and the citadel any different? Has the visiting experience changed 23 or 11 years later? At the time of my visit in early Dec 2023, the border between the DR and Haiti was closed due to a canal dispute. This made the option of heading there by bus not available at the time, meaning that I would have to fly into Cap-Haïtien from Fort Lauderdale and catch another flight to Santo Domingo (leaving from Fort Lauderdale)

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