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I have visited many WH sites in the course of both my professional work and as a tourist. The first was the Matopos as a child in 1963, long before the World Heritage Convention was conceived of. I haven't stopped since!

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South Africa
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Gunkanjima Island, part of the Meiji Industrial Revolution sites in Japan. Also Pico Island and the Richtersveld.

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Update 14.07.20
  1. Abu Dhabi Sabkha (T)
  2. Aguas Livres Aqueduct (T)
  3. al Dimaniyyat Islands Nature Reserve (T)
  4. Balaton Uplands Cultural Landscape (T)
  5. Black River Gorges National Park (T)
  6. Casablanca, Ville du XXème siécle, carrefour d'influences (T)
  7. Central Park (T)
  8. Chinese Section of the Silk Road (T)
  9. Civil Rights Movement Sites (T)
  10. Cultural Landscape of Bisya & Salut and its Archaeological Remains (T)
  11. Fishriver Canyon (T)
  12. Gcwihaba Caves (T)
  13. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  14. Human Rights, Liberation Struggle and Reconciliation: Nelson Mandela Legacy Sites (T)
  15. Jerash Archaeological City (Ancient Meeting Place of East and West) (T)
  16. Jerusalem (T)
  17. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  18. Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Monaco) (T)
  19. Maputo National Park (formerly Ponto d’ Ouro Partial Marine Reserve - POPMR) (T)
  20. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  21. Mount Vernon (T)
  22. Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve (T)
  23. Natural and Cultural Landscape of Danube Region (T)
  24. Okavango Delta (T)
  25. Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge (T)
  26. Pombaline Lisbon (T)
  27. Ras al Had Turtle Reserve and the Heritage Site of Ras al Jinz (T)
  28. System of Fortifications at the Confluence of the Rivers Danube and Váh in Komárno - Komárom (Slova) (T)
  29. System of Fortifications at the Confluence of the Rivers Danube and Váh in Komárno - Komárom (Slovak) (T)
  30. Tbilisi Historic District (T)
  31. The Ancient Plovdiv (T)
  32. The Bachkovo Monastery (T)
  33. The Collection of Historical Bridges (T)
  34. The Emergence of Modern Humans: The Pleistocene occupation sites of South Africa (T)
  35. The forts of Rostaq and al-Hazm (T)
  36. The Historical Village of Abyaneh (T)
  37. The Olive Grove Landscapes of Andalusia (T)
  38. The town of Melnik and the Rozhen Monastery (T)
  39. Thomas Jefferson Buildings (T)
  40. White Sands National Monument (T)

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