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I have only counted heritages I have been in to or feel I have done the whole visit to. If i should count the "near misses", it would be much more.
With the new tick-boxes I have come up to 83 in late 2011.
Updated during a euopean trip June 2012, 99 and counting.
There is so much to do about this!
115 it is in spring 2015 and after a good tour to France in July 2015 it is 139.

Not much traveling in 2020. I did my remaining Swedish, Birka and "Hälsingegårdar". Nice weather at Birka made that day. Take the tour, or not much will be understood as the town itself is completely destroyed. According to WHS count, 159 WHS now. Will be no more during 2020, I believe.

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Ingemar Eriksson Sweden - 24-Aug-19

Albi is a spectacular place to visit. The cathedral is special as it is not a gothic building, as i know it. In southern France, the cathedrals are often built with the supporting structures inside the walls instead of outside, as for instance Chartres.

The formal gardens of Berbie palace must be seen. We can not approach them free but we se them from above from backside of Berbie palace.

I overheard a guide telling her audience "It all coms from the river". The clay to make brick and all of the "round/oval" small stones that are in the buildings and as road surface.

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Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin

Ingemar Eriksson Sweden - 15-Jul-18

The slag heaps very visible when moving around in the Lens area gives a remaining memory. About 250 och around 350 made ones are left. There are som many aspects of this area as we can find belfries and WW1 memories everywhere. 

We come in contact with this WHS when visiting Louvre-Lens. This monumental new museum is built on the site of an old coal-mine. Some of it`s history shown in museum. Next to museum site is a complex of houses intended for miners who are inscribed in the WHS area and it is easy to stroll around in that area when having reached Louvre-Lens.

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Ingemar Eriksson Sweden - 15-Jul-18

Love Quedlinburg. I find the city and all the old hoses best but outside is layers om buildings from 19th century and of course the magnificent and dramatic location of the cathedral and castle.

Some strange buildings from GDR-zeit still make ugly wounds somewhere but I liked this WHS a lot.

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Ingemar Eriksson Sweden - 15-Jul-18

An aspect of Christiansfeld is that it must be one of the most northern cities in Germany for about 55 years. After the war Germany-Denmark 1864, the border was placed some kilometers north of Christiansfeld. (The German land survey marker still stands in a dike along the old highway.) Then, after 1 world war, the referendum about new border Denmark-Germany took C. back to Denmark. This border from 1920 still is in place and we can study the further aspects in the new WHS Hedeby and Danevirke in Germany.

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Ancienne chocolaterie Menier à Noisiel (T)

Ingemar Eriksson Sweden - 12-Aug-15

The beautiful building is a turbine hall inside the factory site of Nestle France. This is a strictly private industrial/office area and there is no interest from Nestle to let tourists in.

This magnificent building must be protected but as I see it, not in the form of a WHS as Nestle keeps it so private.

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Egypt pyramides, of the ones I have visited. Perhaps topped by Carcassonne France because of the complexity to upkeep a whole town. The pyramides are rather sturdy even if much of Pyramides glory was taken down to bulid mosques in Cairo.
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