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Peter Day - 19-Sep-08

August 2008. Safranbolu is a lovely old town stuffed with the beautiful wood frame houses built by the merchants. Some of these are open as museum houses, others have been turned into guest houses - some well, others not. Very relaxing to wander round the narrow lanes of the old town, scramble up to the castle and clock tower for a panoramic view, take a tour of some surrounding areas to take in the caves, the ancient aquaduct. Doesn't feel over-run by tourists.

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Peter Day - 19-Sep-08

Too many tourists, too much money. 20TL to get into the site, 20TL to swim in the thermal pool. Hierapolis not the best ancient city - try Priene, even Ephesus (though that has even more tourists, make sure you get there late afternoon)

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Peter Day - 19-Sep-08

As other reviews have said the jumble of 9 different settlements makes it hard to work out what is what. It helps if you have read the story of the first excavations. The site has a number of very helpful boards explaining what you are looking at. The wooden horse is kitsch - the nearby town of Canakkale has the one from the movie, which is more impressive but you can't climb inside it.

The greatest thing - to have stood on the same ground as KIng Priam and Achilles!

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Peter Day - 19-Sep-08

Visited in August 2008. The Hittite building style was stone foundation topped with mid-brick walls - in 2500 years the mud-bricks have disappeared so you need a good guide book and a good imagination. But the sheer scale of the site is incredible - you can't walk round it, you drive. Make sure you visit the other Hittite sites nearby with some beautiful stone reliefs

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