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I'm an Australian living in Bavaria who eventually realised that it might be quite interesting to record whenever I happen to chance upon the odd UNESCO site.

From there this seems to have snowballed to specifically detouring to visit them en route to wherever to I happen to be driving to, flying to, working, all of the above.

Some have even gone so far as to accuse me of migrating to Europe specifically to increase my WHS count, although I dismiss such claims as mere lies and slander!

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Mount Wuyi

Andrew Wembridge AU, DE - 05-Mar-19

Mount Wuyi

I visited Wuyi Shan in Feb. 2017 on a weekend I had spare, being in Fujian Province on business at the time and this being one of the reachable UNESCO sites from where I was based.

The two main activities are floating along the river on a raft (accompanied by what I assume was some sort of running commentary, tea and music) as well as rambling across the mountainous terrain which features many tea plantations - some of which were purportedly slated for imperial use due to their specific geographic location and thus I assume climate / sun / shade / soil / overall quality.

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