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A UNESCO hunter without fanatism. Every time I visit a new place I try to figure out which UWH objects are located there.

It is NOT my dream to visit all the sites. Some of them are not worse seeing, some are not accessible. Decisions of the World Heritage Committee are often subjective, and descriptions are vague. Nevertheless, new information about the value of the sites enriches my experience a lot.



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Update 22.01.23
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Brugge 5
Masada 5
Pompei 5
Prague 5
Rome 5
Meteora 4.5
Salzburg 4.5
Arles 4
Graz 4
Vienna 4
Warsaw 4
Belem 3.5
Orange 3.5
Tallinn 3.5
Torun 3.5
Paphos 3
Riga 3
Verona 3
Naples 2.5
Valletta 2.5

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