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Mining Historical Heritage (T)

Alikander99 - 31-Oct-23

Ok, first things first, this nomination is a disaster, it tries to get 21 mines spread throughout the country (and history) into just one site. It's almost as bad as wine in iberia in that regard. However it does point towards some good posible sites. Spain already has two sites associated with mining, which might seem like a lot, but still leaves some gaps. Namely, anything not related with mercury or roman gold extraction. Spain has been a notorious mining region since antiquity and to this day. Thus it has a diverse and large mining heritage. This is made clear when you go through the list as it includes anything from neolithic mines to 19th century ones

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La Lonja de la Seda

Alikander99 - 17-Oct-23

La lonja de la seda is a peculiar WHS, especially for Spain, where single monument WHS are a rarity. There is good reason for this. The rest of valencia, though beautiful is not really WHS worthy. As such to represent the city, once Capital (de facto) of the Crown of aragon, the city hall chose one monument: la lonja de la seda. La llotja was built between the 15th and 16th century in levantine gothic (based on la llotja dof la palma) with some renaissance influences. The building is quite modest in size and inside decoration. Its main attractive is the spectacular "sala de contratacion" with its spiral columns. The ceiling from la sala de contrataciones is another highlight. What really sold Unesco on the building was its overall conservation state

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Bulwarked Frontier Fortifications (T)

Alikander99 - 06-Oct-23

Even though many of the citadels in the list were built in the spanish empire, Spain itself has no citadels in the world heritage list. I guess this fact doesn't sit right in the ministry of foreign affairs ,which is how we got yet another fortification proposal. The tentative site centres around a set of fortifications in the french and portuguese border. The best ones are the ones in figueras, jaca, pamplona and ciudad Rodrigo. Now I'll cut to the chase. I don't think the fortifications in Pamplona, the only ones I have visited, have OUV. Afaik they weren't particularly innovative at the time and significant portions have been torn down. They still make for a pleasant park and if you're in pamplona you should visit

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Modernist Kaunas

Alikander99 - 03-Oct-23

Due to its impending proposal and my budding interest on modern architecture I added Kaunas to my baltic ittinerary. Now, I want to make clear that I'm not an architect and I feel in no way capable of examining the merit of kaunas modernist buildings. What I can offer is my opinion on the site, which overall was positive.

After WW1 Lithuania emerges as a new nation born out of the crumbling Russian empire. However they're stuck with an unusual problem

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The Maritime Heritage of Dragør Old Town and Harbour - A ‘skipper-town’ from the era of the great tall ships in the 18th and 19th centuries (T)

Alikander99 - 23-Jun-23

Dragør is a quaint town around 10km south of copenhagen in the island of Amager (which locals pronounce ama). it's actually just a few km away from the airport, so even from the harbour you can still hear the constant air traffic. The reasoning denmark has put forward for inscription basically boils down to preservation. the state argues that there are few towns which showcase the advent of globalisation in the 18th century as well as dragør. Denmark was for a long time a maritime power and it only stopped being so in the 19th century when their fleet was sunk in the war against britain, so hypothetically it would be one of the places to look for this suposedly missing link. The truth however is that dragør is nothing to write home about

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