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Hello, my name is Thomas Harold Watson and I am on a journey to visit every (Tentative and) World Heritage Site on the planet…properly. I don’t just visit the best part(s) of it and leave, I stay (or return) for however long it takes until I have completely completed it before ticking it off. I plan on eventually posting more content of my travels to my YouTube account so I’d really appreciate any subscriptions, likes and comments, and I also occasional share pictures on my Instagram, so feel free to follow me there too. 

It is so nice to be part of such an amazing community of UNESCO lovers. With all of your help you have made my visits so much better and fulfilled, I just hope that my reviews can help everyone else here as much as they’ve helped me. 

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Oasis de Figuig (T)

Thomas Harold Watson United Kingdom - 09-Mar-24

Last summer my little family and I did a road trip from the UK to Morocco & Western Sahara, and Figuig was very high up on my plan. I did not expect much so was extremely surprised when I discovered this hidden gem! You drive hours and hours through nothing but desert to arrived here. I’ve always wanted to go to the real Tatooine (in Tunisia) and Timbuktu (in Mali) and this felt like the two mixed into one as the buildings were all made from mud and looked really unique compared to anywhere I have ever been before. There are date trees everywhere, natural salts on the rocks, fresh delicious water coming out of the ground and beautiful walkways along palmerals with their historic irrigation systems

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Durham Castle and Cathedral

Thomas Harold Watson United Kingdom - 13-Feb-23

Durham Castle and Cathedral were lovely to visit but unfortunately not as tourist friendly as I would’ve liked them to have been. The castle itself has been completely turned into student accommodation. There was a really cool Harry Potter dinner hall to visit (I’m pretty sure it either was the filming location or was the place that inspired the main food hall in the films) and the cathedral itself had a really cool lego model of it inside (which my little girl loved). Pretty town though and definitely worth spending a half day in and around :)

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Le Panorama de la Bataille de Waterloo (T)

Thomas Harold Watson United Kingdom - 12-Apr-22

Really cool to visit but believe that it should really be included in the Le champ de bataille de Waterloo tentative site, having both as separate ones in exactly the same seems like a long shot.

I have never stepped into a 360° panoramic picture before and upon visiting I was really impressed with it. It makes you feel like you’ve just jumped back centuries and was easily one of my highlights to Waterloo. 

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Le champ de bataille de Waterloo (T)

Thomas Harold Watson United Kingdom - 12-Apr-22

Le champ de bataille de Waterloo (T)

The French won’t like it one bit if this doesn’t be becomes a world heritage site (they even had it blocked from being on a two euro coin…although Belgium did make a 2.5 euro coin successfully afterwards), but it truly hope it does. This battle changed the history of the world and surely that is exactly what UNESCO is meant to preserve! 

I was on route to Brussels when I accidentally came across this location, it is so impressive and impossible to miss if anywhere near. An extremely GIANT mound with an impressive lion on top. 

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Historical-town planning ensemble of Ston (T)

Thomas Harold Watson United Kingdom - 12-Apr-22

Historical-town planning ensemble of Ston  (T)

I visited Ston a few years back and before I knew anything about UNESCO. Whilst driving along the whole coast of the Adriatic Sea I came across this really impressive site, a massive wall that reminded me of the great one in China. I had to stop and walk it. Now visually I didn’t think it was too long of a walk, but boy was I wrong. I went without any water and soon regretted it! In the scorching hot sun walking up oh so many steps I soon realised I had messed up! Luckily some people on their way back walked past and gave me some water and I was able to keep going! 

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