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Žatec – Landscape of Hops

Mohboh Czech republic - 21-Nov-23

Žatec would be a great representative of a WHS dedicated to beer production if it were in the form it was in 100 years ago. Today the town is a shadow of its past. The monuments related to hop processing are neither distinctive nor spectacular.

Žatec itself is not a picturesque town. In fact, it is one of the last places I would want to invite a foreign visitor to the Czech Republic. The locals are proud that the town has been featured in a number of Czech and foreign films. However, it served as exteriors for scenes from the Second World War. Indeed, parts of the town centre are so run-down that they evoke the atmosphere of a town that has just experienced a Soviet offensive.

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Mining Cultural Landscape Erzgebirge

Mohboh Czech republic - 13-Nov-23

The red Tower of Death

I visited the Red Tower of Death on my way back from Karlovy Vary to Prague. I don't recall ever visiting a similarly ugly VHS. The tower is located near the prison and the structure itself has no aesthetic value at all.

The tower is a simple seven-story brick structure

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Turaif Quarter

Mohboh Czech republic - 17-Oct-23

I visited At Turaif in the early evening when the air temperature had dropped to an acceptable level. Entrance to the historic area was only possible through Bujairi Terrace, a newly opened area full of elegant restaurants, the construction of which was probably one of the reasons why At Turaif was inaccessible for so long.

Just on the edge of Bujairi Terrace, a man speaking good English stopped me and asked for a ticket, which surprised me as I had no idea about the need to buy a ticket in advance. When I explained the situation to him, he smiled and let me in, saying that next time I would have to buy the ticket online.

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