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WHS that are depicted on banknotes. Connections should state:
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Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Al Ain Al Jahli Fort, on 50 dirham note
Ambohimanga On the 500 Ariary note
Ancient Kyoto Byodoin; 10000 Yen; issue Dec 1, 1958-Jan 4, 1986 and Nov 1, 2004 - present
Ancient Merv Sultan Sanjar Mausoleum; 100 manat; 1995
Andrefana Dry Forests On the 500 Ariary note
Angkor Angkor Wat; Several; 1996, 2001
Antigua Guatemala First University (San Carlos); 100 Quetzales; 1983
Anuradhapura Thuparama Dagoba; 500 Rupee issued 2001
Bagerhat Khan Jahan's shrine, 50 Taka issued 2003
Bahla Fort 1/2 Rial issued 1995
Belfries Belfries (of Veurne) 1000 Francs 3.2.1945
Blenheim Palace the maze at Blenheim Palace as a green foil hologram on 5 Pound note issued 2017
Borobudur 10000 INR issued 1992
Budapest Parliament; 500 florint (Limited commemorative edition); 2006
Calakmul 1000 peso note of G-series (issued 2020) shows Tropical humid-forest ecosystems represented by the jaguar and Calakmul Biosphere Reserve
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Moraine lake; $20; 1979
Canaima National Park Angel Falls; 20000 Bolivars; 1998
Carthage Hannibal and Carthage on the 5 Tunisian dollar note
Central University City Campus of the UNAM UNAM; 2000 peso; 1987
Chichen-Itza Chitzen Itza; 1000 Peso; 1977
City of Luxembourg Luxembourg; 100 Francs; 1970 and others
Copán 1 Lempira; 1980
Corfu The citadel was depicted on the reverse of the Greek 500 drachmas banknote of 1983-2001
Dougga/Thugga Dougga; 10 dinar; 2005
Dubrovnik The Old Town of Dubrovnik is depicted on the reverse of the Croatian 50 kuna banknote, issued in 1993 and 2002
Echmiatsin and Zvartnots Echmiadzin; 50000 Dram; 2001
Edinburgh Robert Burns and The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh 10 pound - 2009; previous on numerous 1 pound
El Pinacate 200 peso note in G-series (issued 2019) shows Desert and matorral ecosystems represented by the golden eagle and El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve
Ellora Caves On the Rs 20 banknote
Ephesus On backside of the 20 new lira banknote (2005–2008)
Fasil Ghebbi 50 birr note
Fort and Shalamar Gardens Shalimar Garden, 10 Rupee issued 1972-1975 & 50 Rupees 1976
Forth Bridge On 20 Scottish pound note
Frontiers of the Roman Empire Elsie Inglis and The Antonine Wall - 50 Scottish pouns - 2009
Fujisan on 5000 Yen Banknote
Gardens and Castle at Kromeríz 1993 - Current 1,000 Kč Czech note
Gelati Monastery 500 lari, 1995
Gobustan Rock Art Petroglyphs from Gobustan are depicted on the reverse of the Azerbaijani 5 manat banknote issued since 2006.
Great Wall May 10, 1988-July 30, 2004; ¥1 RMB Note Fourth Edition
Great Zimbabwe Rhodesian 5 pound note; 1966 + Zimbabwe $100 dollar note, 2019
Guanajuato Guanajuato; 10 peso; 1963 & 1000 pesos F-series shows Guanajuato University (2008)
Gusuku of Ryukyu Shureimon; 2000 Yen; issue July 19,2000 - present
Gyeongju Cheomseongdae - astronomical observatory in Gyeongju; 10 Korean Won; Issued 1962-1969 South Korea 10 Won 1965
Göreme NP 50 new Lira (2005-2008)
Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago Ha Long Bay; 200000 dong ; Date of issue: 30 August 2006; & 10000 dong ; Date of issue: 1993
Hampi 50 rupee 2016
Historic Cairo Islamic Cairo; 5 pound; 1967 and others
Hoi An Japanese bridge in Hoi An; 20000 dong ; Date of issue: 17 May 2006
Horyu-ji Area Yumedono; 100 Yen; issue Feb 25, 1946-July 5,1956 and 1000 Yen from 1950
Hué 50000 dong ; Date of issue: 17 December 2003
Independence Hall On the back of the U.S. $100 bill. The Assembly Room of Independence Hall also appears on the obverse of the US$2 bill in the form of the signing of the Declaration itself
Kandy Temple of Tooth: 1000 Rupee issued 2001; 10 Rupees; 1982
Kathmandu Valley Changu Narayan on 10 rupee note, Swayambhunath stupa at 1000 rupee note
Komodo National Park Indonesia Rp50,000 2016 & 2022 series
Kraków depicts the white eagle wrapped in the letter S, inscribed in a hexagon, from the Sigismund's Chapel at the Wawel Castle; 200 Zloty
Kremlin and Red Square Red Square Moscow; 1000 roubles; 1992 (and various values during USSR)
Kunya-Urgench Monument of Torebeg Hanum; 500 manat; 1995
Kyiv Cathedral and Lavra 2 Hryvni (also Pechersk Lavra on 10 Hryven); 1992
L'viv Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet on 20 hryvnia 2016 series
León Cathedral Back of 100 cordobas note (introduced 2009)
Lima Palais Concert on 50 Nueva Soles note; Palace "Torre Tagle" on 20 Nueva Soles note; Convent of Santo Domingo on the back of 200 Nueva Soles note
Lübeck Holsten Tor; 50 DM; 1960
Macao 2008 Bank of China Series: 10 patacas = A-Ma Temple 20 patacas = Façade of the ruins of Saint Paul's Cathedral 50 patacas = Dom Pedro V Theatre 100 patacas = Guia Lighthouse 500 patacas = Casa do Mandarim 1000 patacas = Legislative Senate
Major Town Houses Belgium 1994, 2000 francs
Malbork Castle 1 June 1995 - Current 100 zł Polish note, Malbork Castle is on the left of the reverse side
Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi Kazakhstan; 500 Tenge; 1999
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo Silhouette of the Gračanica Monastery features on the back side of the 200 Serbian dinar note
Meidan Emam, Esfahan Naqsh-e Jahan Square on 50,000 rials note 1992
Meroe Pyramids at one side of the 100 Sudanese Pounds note (2019, 2021)
Mexico City and Xochimilco US $1000 bill from 1862-1882. The bill depicts US General Winfield Scott entering Mexico City during the Mexican American War, and the Metropolitan Cathedral is in the background. Plus: 50 peso note in the Mexican G-series will show Xochimilco (issued in 2022)
Mir Castle Mir Castle: 50 roubles (2016) (as well as the 2000 50,000 roubles note it replaced)
Moenjodaro 20 Rupee issued 2005
Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve 100 peso note in the G-series (issued 2021) shows Temperate forest ecosystems represented by the monarch butterfly and the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve
Monticello 2 US dollar (reverse side), 1928-1966
Morelia Morelia aqueduct on 50 peso note of the F-series (2006)
Mount Taishan Taishan; 5 Yuan; 1999 & 2005
Neolithic Orkney Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney - ?100 - 2009
Nesvizh Nesvizh; 100000; 2000
New Lanark Robert the Bruce and New Lanark - 20 pound - 2009
Novgorod Millenium of Russia Monument and Novgorod Kremlin; 5 Ruble issued 1997
Nubian Monuments Nubian Temples; 1 Egyptian pound; 1951 and many others
Oaxaca and Monte Alban Monte Alban; 20 peso; 2006
Ohrid Region A golden mask from Trebenista is depicted on the obverse of the Macedonian 500 denars banknote, issued in 1996 and 2003; On the 10 denars banknote is printed "the torso of the goddess Isis" placed in the Robevi house, Ohrid
Okavango Delta 23 August 2009-Current 50 Botswana pula note
Old City of Jerusalem Dome of the Rock: 20 Dinar (Jordan), 1995 and others & Saudi Arabian 50 Riyals (1984) & 1000 Iranian Riyals & Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on 50 New Israeli Shekel
Old Town Lunenburg $100; 1975;
Panamá The Cathedral of Panama Viejo, shown on the former 10 Balboas banknote (Panama uses the US dollar now)
Paris, Banks of the Seine Eiffel tower; 200 Francs; 1997
Pasargadae 50 rials note 1960
Peninsula Valdes On the 200 Argentinian peso banknote (2016)
Petra Petra; 5 Dinar; 1995
Plečnik's Ljubljana The National and University Library featured on the reverse of the 500 tolar banknote (1992-2005).
Polonnaruva 50 Rupees; 1982
Potala Palace Potala; 50 Yuan; 1999 & 2005
Prague 1961 - 31 August 1993 100 Kč Czechoslovak note 1993 - Current 5,000 Kč Czech note
Puebla Cathedral; 500 peso; 2000
Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River 500 PHP; 2010 current
Pyramids (Memphis) Sphynx; 100 Egyptian pound; 2005
Querétaro Queretaro; 5 Peso; 1969
Quseir Amra Quseir Amra; 1/2 Dinar; 1995
Rainforests of the Atsinanana The waterfall at the entrance of Ranomafana NP is on the 5000 Ariary note
Rani-ki-Vav On new Rs 100 note (2018)
Red Fort 500 rupees 2016
Rila Monastery Rila Monastery; 1 Lev; 1999
Roskilde Cathedral 500 danish krone 1952 series
Sagarmatha National Park Mt Everest is shown on ALL current Nepali banknotes + Mt Everest was on the Chinese Renminbi Fourth Edition ¥10 note from 1988-1999 which is thus also in the Sagarmatha National Park.
Samarkand Registan; 50 Sum; 1994
Samarra Samarra; 250 Dinars; 2003
Sana'a 100 Rials issued 1993
Sanchi 200 rupees 2016
Santo Domingo Puerta del Conde (Colonial Zone); 20 Pesos; 1987
Schönbrunn 100 schilling 1960
Selimiye Mosque The mosque was depicted on the reverse of the Turkish 10,000 lira banknotes of 1982-1995
Semmering Railway Austria 20 Schilling 1967
Shibam 50 Rials issued 1993
Sian Ka'an 20 pesos in G-series (2021)
Singapore Botanic Gardens Tembusu Tree in SBG is on the back of 5$ SGD banknote
Solovetsky Islands Solovetsky; 500 Ruble issued 1997
Spissky Hrad and Levoca Levo?a church (on both sides) ; 100 Slovak crown
Split Palace of Diocletian; 500 Kuna; 1993
St. George, Bermuda The 50 Bermuda dollar bill shows St. Peters church in St. George
St. Kilda Sir Alexander Fleming and St Kilda - 5 Scottish pounds - 2009
St. Petersburg Peter&Paul Fortress; 50 Ruble issued 1997
Stone Circles of Senegambia 50 Gambian Dalasis; 1991 and others
Sub-Antarctic Islands Campbell Island on 5 New Zealand dollar reverse
Sulaiman-Too At the 1,000 Som note
Sun Temple, Konarak On the Rs 10 banknote (2018)
Tassili n'Ajjer 1000 dinar; 1998, 2005
Tauric Chersonese the new 200 rubles note (2017 series) has Tauric Chersonese pictured on reverse side
Te Wahipounamu Aoraki/Mount Cook; 5 NZD
Teide National Park Roque Cinchado was on the 1000 pesetas banknote
Tequila 2000 peso note of G-series shows Dry forest ecosystems represented by the Mexican long-nosed bat and Tequila agave landscape
The Architectural Work of Le Corbusier Chandigarh on the 10 Swiss Franc note (2000)
Tikal National Park 1/2 Quetzal; 1973
Tiwanaku 200 Bolivianos; 2005
Tubbataha Reefs 1000 PHP; 2010 current
Ujung Kulon National Park Krakatau Volcano, 100 INR issued 1992
Victoria Falls 10 Zambian kwacha; Numerous Zimbabwe dollars, f.e. 1997 $20
Vienna Josephinum and others; 50 Sch (and others); 1984 (and others)
Vilnius Various parts of Vilnius old town; 50 and 100 litai; Numerous releases
Wachau Cultural Landscape 100 schilling 1955
Walled City of Baku Maiden Tower; 1 Manat (and others); 2006 (and others)
West Lake The picture of "Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon" was printed on the backs of both the foreign exchange certificate one yuan bill issued by the government in 1979 and the fifth version of RMB one yuan bill issued in 2004. (wiki)
Westminster on 5 Pound note issued 2017
Whale Sanctuary of El Vizcaino 500 peso note of G-series (issued 2018) shows Coastal, marine and insular ecosystems represented by the gray whale and El Vizcaíno Biosphere Reserve
Würzburg Residence partial view of Staircase; 50 DM; 1989
Yaroslavl Church of Precursor; 1000 Ruble issued 1997
Yazd The Jame mosque of Yazd is depicted on the obverse of the Iranian 200 rials banknote (wiki)


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