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Around the World in Eighty Days WHS that feature in "Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne. 4
Asterix WHS that feature in Asterix comics. 5
Blake and Mortimer WHS appearing in the Belgian comics series "Blake and Mortimer". 4
Blue Mountains WHS that include locations named "Blue Mountains". 3
Buildable in Lego WHS that are available as models from the official Lego Shop. 15
Built elsewhere as a full size replica World Heritage Sites (or significant elements thereof) of which full size modern replicas have been constructed. Excluding significantly inaccurate attempts (e.g Taj Mahal at Sonargaon in Bangladesh) or scaled down versions in theme parks etc. 15
Built or owned by Americans Outside the boundaries of the USA and its territories. 12
Built or owned by British Sites outside the current borders of Great Britain that were built or owned by British persons. 52
Built or Owned by Chinese Built or Owned by Chinese outside China 8
Built or owned by Dutch Sites outside the current borders of the Netherlands that were built or owned by Dutch persons. 25
Built or owned by French Cultural sites or significant parts thereof that were built or owned by France or French citizens(outside the current boundaries of France itself of course). 32
Built or owned by Germans Sites outside the current borders of Germany that were built or owned by Germans 48
Built or owned by Hungarians Sites outside the current borders of Hungary that were built or owned by Hungarians. 4
Built or owned by Japanese Outside the boundaries of Japan and its territories. 12
Built or owned by Poles WHS, or significant parts thereof, that were once built or owned by Poles (outside the current borders of Poland) 8
Built or owned by Portuguese Sites outside the current borders of Portugal that were built or owned by Portuguese persons. 28
Built or owned by Spanish Sites outside the current borders of Spain that were built or owned by Spanish persons. 44
Built or owned by Swedes Sites outside the current borders of Scandinavia that were built or owned by Swedish persons. 5
Cercle events WHS that have hosted a Cercle event: The dance music brand Cercle has hosted parties (and since Covid, filmed concerts) at a collection of interesting venues around the world, including a number of WHS. 15
Cities of Three Cultures WHS Cities which market themselves as representing 3 Cultures. 7
Country named after them WHS which have had a country named after them 7
Covers more than 5% of country WHS representing at least 5% of the land area of the country. 11
Cryptozoology The study of and search for animals which fall outside of contemporary zoological catalogs. It consists of two primary fields of research:
- The search for living examples of animals taxonomically identified through fossil records, but which are believed to be extinct.
- The search for animals that fall outside of taxonomic records due to a lack of empirical evidence, but for which anecdotal evidence exists in the form of myths, legends, or undocumented sightings
Cultural sites closely connected to volcanoes These cultural sites are characterized by the significant presence of a volcano in the central area or on the horizon. This volcanic presence contributes to the universal value of the property. Mixed sites are excluded. 32
Cultural sites taking up an entire island Cultural WHS, or significant parts thereof, that take up one or more entire islands. 49
Customary ownership Customary land is land which is owned by Indigenous communities and administered in accordance with their customs, as opposed to statutory tenure usually introduced during the colonial periods. Common ownership is one form of customary land ownership. (Wiki) 10
Depicted in emoji WHS that are depicted in the common emoji set. 4
Depicted in Miezilinska Maps WHS depicted in the popular Atlas for children, written and drawn by Aleksandra Mizielinska and Daniel Mizielinski. It is available in many languages. 104
Depicted in the Ravensburger World Wide Series The World Wide series of jigsaw puzzles from Ravensburger was published between 1964 and 1973. 15
Depicted on National Coat of Arms WHS or significant parts thereof that are depicted on a Coat of Arms of a country. 10
Depicted on National Flag 5
Discovered from the Air WHS which were discovered or a significant aspect of whose OUV was identified by persons overflying. 6
Dragon WHS related to or named after Dragons. 26
Dubbed 'White City' 7
Dubbed as another WHS Sites which are nicknamed after another WHS. 101
Epic Subtitles WHS where the main title of the site is accompanied by a grandiose / epic / flowery subtitle. Descriptive titles must be beyond simple statements of what/where they are. At least 3 words in English and excluding standard phrases like "Historic centre of ", "Cultural Landscape"
Famous Love Stories 20
Fatal Accidents or 'disasters' Sites where there have been "disasters" causing significant numbers of human deaths from a single incident or where repeated "tourism related" deaths have totalled a significant number. Only sites involving an "entry" are included (ie not city or town centres etc) and "simple" traffic accidents etc are not counted. 48
Featured in the Go Jetters WHS that are featured in the Children's TV series the Go Jetters. "Aimed at the upper-end of preschool ages 4–6, Go Jetters follows the adventures of four heroes, Xuli, Kyan, Lars and Foz, as they travel the world with their teacher, mentor and friend, Ubercorn. The programme uses songs and music to expose facts about various countries and environments." (wiki) 45
Former Largest Cities Formerly was among the largest cities in the world. 19
Furthest distance apart Serial sites whose extremities are the furthest distance apart (over 1000kms) 17
Game of Thrones (Filming Locations) Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created for HBO by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones has obtained an exceptionally broad and active international fan base. (wiki)
Google Doodles WHS that featured in a Google Doodle 70
Greatest Altitude Variations 12
History of the World in 100 objects WHS represented by (= /made at/found in/closely associated with etc) objects on the BBC 2010 series "A History of the World in 100 Objects". The series number is shown together with a link to the BBC descriptive Web page. From those pages there are further links to detail on the British Museum Web site and also to downloadable podcasts for each program, but these may not be available to non UK IP addresses. There is however also a link to a full transcript of the text of each program. 20
Hosted a FIFA World Cup match Core Zone contains a stadium that has hosted FIFA World Cup matches. 4
Hot Air Balloon rides WHS over which regular commercial Hot air balloon rides are available.

Provide a Web link to a "provider". Excluding trips which do not definitely cross the WHS boundary but are just "in the area", or those that have ceased operation.
Hotels in Historic Buildings WHS containing a building of historic or architectural significance converted from its original use into a hotel. Building must be noteworthy enough for a visit on its own. 23
In a Hitchcock movie WHS featuring in a movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock. 12
In private ownership WHS which are owned in their entirety by a private individual or company. Excluding those in Customary Ownership, which have their own connection. 16
In the British museum World Heritage sites from which "non-portable" objects have been removed which are now in the British Museum. "Non portable" is defined as
a. Integral to the structure from which they have been removed
b. Not intended to be moved from the site
c. Of "significant" size and weight
In the Israel Museum World Heritage sites from which "non-portable" objects have been removed which are now in the Israel Museum (including the affiliated Rockefeller Museum). "Non portable" is defined as a. Integral to the structure from which they have been removed b. Not intended to be moved from the site c. Of "significant" size and weight. 4
In the Istanbul museum World Heritage sites from which "non-portable" objects have been removed which are now in the Istanbul Archeological Museum. "Non portable" is defined as
a. Integral to the structure from which they have been removed
b. Not intended to be moved from the site
c. Of "significant" size and weight
In the Louvre World Heritage sites from which "non-portable" objects have been removed which are now in the Louvre Museum in Paris. "Non portable" is defined as
a. Integral to the structure from which they have been removed
b. Not intended to be moved from the site
c. Of "significant" size and weight
In the MoMA WHS that have related items on display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. 3
In the Pergamon museum World Heritage sites from which "non-portable" objects have been removed which are now in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. "Non portable" is defined as
a. Integral to the structure from which they have been removed
b. Not intended to be moved from the site
c. Of "significant" size and weight
In The Simpsons WHS that appear in the series The Simpsons (in animated form only). 32
In the Vatican Museums World Heritage sites from which "non-portable" objects have been removed which are now in the Vatican Museums. "Non portable" is defined as a. Integral to the structure from which they have been removed b. Not intended to be moved from the site c. Of "significant" size and weight 6
In Video Games WHS appearing within video games. This only includes examples of 'realistic' portrayals of WHS, in the sense that the locations are recognisable with some attempt at authentic portrayal. 107
Indiana Jones movie WHS that feature in an Indiana Jones movie. 17
Isolated WHS WHS without another WHS within range of 1000kms 19
James Bond in books WHS that feature in James Bond books 12
James Bond in Movies WHS that feature in James Bond movies 38
Largest cultural WHS Top 20 cultural WHS based on area size of the core zone. Mixed WHS are excluded. 20
Live captive "symbolic" bears WHS which keep live captive "symbolic" bears 3
Location for a classic documentary WHS that have been used as a location for documentaries of high public and/or critical acclaim. 13
Location for a classic movie WHS that have been used as a location for films of high public and/or critical acclaim. James Bond, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Alfred Hitchcock and the Marvel Studios have their own connections and are not repeated here. 96
Locations of significant drownings WHS within whose boundaries a historically significant drowning took place. 4
Longest WHS names Full names of WHS as they were inscribed, with the highest amount of letters. 6
Magic Acts by David Copperfield WHS featuring in illusions by David Copperfield, an American magician. 3
Major City Centres WHS which consist of an entire and "living" mixed zone (i.e not just selected structures) of significant size (200 ha or greater) in the centre of a "Major" City (defined as having a "city" population - excluding surrounding "urban" and "metropolitan" areas - though definitions of this vary by country - of over 1 million people.) Size of inscribed areas are taken where available from UNESCO or approximated where missing.
(City Population/Size of Inscribed Area)
Marvel Cinematic Universe World Heritage Sites seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Marvel Cinematic Universe does not include the X-Men franchise, licensed to 20th Century Fox, or any of the Sony Pictures Spider-Man movies prior to Spider-Man: Homecoming. 21
Minor Planet named after them WHS which have a "Minor Planet" named after them See - Excluding planets whose name is simply that of a town/city, mountain etc, a part of wh.ich is a WHS 11
Minority communities Cultural sites where the OUV is related to a living minority community. 71
Misleading WHS Names WHS whose official full name is misleading to the extent that a prospective visitor might "miss the point", by not recognizing its core zone and/or its OUV.

It includes, but is not limited to, sites:
- that are significantly smaller than they seem / where the name implies a grander scope than is inscribed.
- where a Natural focus is implied, via the use of solely natural attributes (such as Archipelago, Caves, Valley) in its name, while it is a cultural WHS.
Modelled after Sites that were modelled after or imitated other WHS. 70
Modern Board Games WHS that feature prominently in Modern Board Games. 17
More than 500 steps to climb Sites that include a singular stairway that has over 500 steps to climb. 15
Moved from location of original construction Current WHS or parts thereof originally situated elsewhere (at other location within WHS, or at another WHS). Objects intended to be movable are not included. 18
Named after a different location WHS named after a location elsewhere in the World. Excluding WHS named after people whose title includes another location (See - "Named after an Individual") 4
Not under control of the nominating state WHS proposed by a State Party that is not in control of the territory (anymore). 6
Nudist beaches WHS containing a recognised "Nudist Beach" (in countries where nudism on beaches is restricted) 6
Oldest cultural WHS The three oldest cultural sites, excluding fossil hominid remains and individual buildings in cities. 4
Olympic Venues WHS that served as Venues for the Modern Olympic Games 15
On Banknotes WHS that are depicted on banknotes. Connections should state:
a. Exact site where only a part is shown
b. Denomination
c. Year/Current or not
d. Web link to a picture (link minus http://, otherwise it will be treated as spam).
On beer cans and bottles WHS depicted on beer cans & bottles. Includes beer brands that have the same name as WHS and brands named differently but displaying the image of a WHS. All excluding microbreweries. 42
On Coins WHS depicted on coins. Limited to circulating non-commemorative coins issued new or new edition post-2000. Euro coins are listed in a separate connection. 16
On Euro coins Depictions of WHS on Euro coins. Special commemorative coins are also included, as long as they are legal tender. 37
On Passports WHS displayed on national passports 57
Once the tallest freestanding structure in the World 5
One million visitors or more Sites that receive one million visitors or more per year (excluding those without entry regulations, eg. cities). 103
Only portion of building inscribed 5
Opera Connected to specific operas where at least 1 scene takes place in a location which is specifically and identifiably within the boundary of the inscribed site - even though it may not now exist or the events portrayed may be fictional. 27
Out-of-place artifacts An out-of-place artifact (OOPArt) is an artifact of historical, archaeological, or paleontological interest found in an unusual context, that challenges conventional historical chronology by being "too advanced" for the level of civilization that existed at the time, or showing "human presence" before humans were known to exist. (wiki) 8
Patrimonito's World Heritage Adventures The cartoon films are based on storyboards made 'by young people for young people' and selected during a Patrimonito Storyboard Competition. They are proving to be useful teaching support materials. They are becoming popular at events held by UNESCO.
Peace WHS that hold the word "Peace" in their official name. 5
Poetic Quotations WHS about which have been written short poetic, quotable statements which capture something worthwhile and insightful about what makes the site significant. The original may be in any language but an English translation should be provided. Show Poet, Title of larger poem where relevant with, if possible where relevant a link to the full poem, date written, any additional information. The quotation should be specifically and recognisably about features of the inscribed site rather than just a general comment on e.g an entire city. 26
Preservation assisted by Getty Trust The J. Paul Getty Trust is an international cultural and philanthropic institution that focuses on the visual arts in all their dimensions. 10
Red Fort Monuments named "Red Fort" 3
Registered when architect was alive WHS that were registered when their prime architect was still alive. Architect has to be named in AB evaluation. 3
Repainted in a different colour Major monuments within the core zone of a WHS, that have been over the course of history repainted in a different colour. 6
Replica cultural sites Where only a Replica can be visited of the designated cultural heritage. 5
Replica in Epcot Epcot is a Disney theme park in Orlando Florida. "The park is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation." Around the World Showcase are Pavillions from several different countries. Containing replicas of many famous buildings, of which some are WHS. 12
Replica in Legoland Legoland Billund, the original Legoland park, opened in 1968 in Billund, Denmark. It has many visitors and is next to the original Lego factory.

Other Legolands have since then be constructed:
- Legoland Windsor (Windsor, England, United Kingdom)
- Legoland Deutschland (Günzburg, Germany)
- Legoland California (Carlsbad, San Diego County, California, USA)
- Legoland Florida (Winter Haven, Florida, USA)
- Legoland Malaysia (Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia)

These WHS are built out of lego and can be seen in the Minilands of (one of) these parks:
Replica in Mini-Europe Mini-Europe is a park located in Bruparck at the foot of the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium. Mini-Europe has the reproductions of the most attractive monuments in the European Union on show, at a scale of 1:25. 33
Replicas in Las Vegas WHS with replicas in Las Vegas 5
Reportedly haunted locations See 40
Role of Women Sites inscribed for the role that women (groups, not individuals) played in the features of the site 28
Scuba Dive Liveaboard WHS where you can participate in diving from a liveaboard. Should be 3 days minimum and not private charter. 14
Serial sites with the greatest number of locations WHS with over 50 separate UNESCO Serial IDs 15
Shakespearean plays WHS mentioned in and/or setting for works of William Shakespeare 11
Shortest WHS names Full names of WHS as they were inscribed, with the least amount of letters. 10
Situated in an administrative exclave of a city WHS situated in an administrative Exclave of a city. 3
Slow Food Movement WHS within whose boundaries the preservation of a traditional food associated with the site/area is being helped by the Slow Food Movement ( 7
Smallest cultural WHS 24
Smallest natural WHS Top 10 smallest natural sites (excluding mixed sites). 10
Sound and Light Show Sites that have regular Sound and Light Shows.

Son et lumière, or a sound and light show is a form of nighttime entertainment that is usually presented in an outdoor venue of historic significance. Special lighting effects are projected onto the façade of a building or ruin and synchronized with recorded or live narration and music to dramatize the history of the place. The invention of the concept is credited to Paul Robert-Houdin, who was the curator of the Château de Chambord in France, which hosted the first son et lumière in the world in 1952.
Star Wars WHS where Stars Wars was filmed. 10
Subterranean Cultural Sites Cultural WHS whose OUV lies entirely/significantly in items which are subterranean and which therefore require a journey underground to visit them (excluding Cave paintings etc which have their own Connection and sites for instance in which an underground mine is just part of the inscribed site) 14
Swan songs The most recent site inscribed (or extended) by those countries which have subsequently been inactive the longest in bringing forward successful new inscriptions.
Cut off 1989. Excluding countries since defunct. Excluding Old City of Jerusalem (1981) and Vatican City (1984) which are in effect "fully inscribed".
The Beatles 4
The Descent from the Cross The Descent from the Cross (Rogier van der Weyden) and its prominent copies: The Descent from the Cross is a painting by the Flemish artist Rogier van der Weyden c.1435, now in the Museo del Prado, Madrid. It is regarded by many art historians as the most influential Netherlandish painting of the crucifixion of Christ, and has produced several prominent copies. The painting was originally commissioned for Greater Guild of Crossbowmen of Leuven and installed in the Chapel of Our Lady Without the Walls (destroyed in 1798). 3
Tintin Comic strip figure, starring as a young reporter in The Adventures of Tintin
Tobu World Square Japanese theme park near Nikko with reproductions of cultural sites to 1/25th of the original 34
Total Solar Eclipse since Inscription Sites which have experienced a Total Solar Eclipse since Inscription.

For graphics that show all eclipses worldwide over 20-year periods:

The best maps for the paths of Totality:
(search by years)

A site was counted if any part of it was under Totality.
Tour de France Sites where the yearly classic cycling race 'Tour de France' (men's edition) has crossed the core zone in one of the stages. Year and stage must be named. 23
Tourist Treks Sites containing some or all of a significant tourist trek involving at least 1 overnight. Trek (hike) must have a specific name, a defined route or routes and often/normally done in total. 26
Translated Toponyms WHS placenames (or Toponyms ) are usually translated into English and French as "supposedly" international languages whose meanings will (or are "expected" to) be widely understood. Some, however, retain "regional" or even national terms whose meanings are frequently unclear internationally.

This Connection identifies such WHS and their meaning (in English!) to assist understanding. The following non-English/French toponyms occurring within WHS names are regarded as self-explanatory enough to not require "connection" and further explanation: Rio, Puerto, Glaciares, Cueva, Serra/Sierra, Ilha, Cidade, Ribera, Costiera, Sacri Monti, Masjid, Ouadi/Wadi, Monte, Pueblo. Medina is also excluded, as it is common and has its own connection already.
Twin Towns WHS that consist of two separate towns, whose history is linked (sometimes leading to strong rivalry). 19
Underground Boundaries WHS whose core underground boundaries extend beyond those at ground level. (The underground areas extend beyond the surface boundaries such that the land above the inscribed areas is not a part of the inscribed site core area (though it may be a part of a buffer zone). Thus it is possible to stand somewhere at ground level OUTSIDE the WHS whilst land some distance underneath is INSIDE the inscribed core boundary.) 7
Used in film as another WHS WHS that have been used in films as another WHS 10
Versions of Da Vinci's last supper 3
Viewable from another WHS WHS which can be seen from another WHS. Excluding contiguous sites (which can obviously be seen across their mutual boundary!). Also multi-location sites if any of the locations are the same or are contiguous (even if not the chosen ones).
The view should be achievable as part of "normal" touristic viewing - thus it is not axiomatic that, if A can be seen from B, then B can be seen from A, since the view of B from A may be of parts of the site which are not accessible when visiting B.
Voyager Golden Record WHS represented on the Voyager Golden Record, a collection of 116 images and a variety of sounds which were included aboard both Voyager spacecraft, which were launched in 1977. They were selected to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. 4
WHS within walking distance At least three different sites within walking distance (15 km) from each other. 30
Works by Nobel Prize winning authors WHS which are "described" in a work by a Nobel Prize Winning author. Name author and work (book, poem, etc). 38
Zip Lines WHS which contain a Zip wire/line within/over their core zone. 4