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Hey there, I'm Max.

I spent my childhood in Russia and Uzbekistan, and studied and worked in the US before moving to Germany, where I am based now.

I am passionate about world travel, with a particular fascination for visiting UNESCO World Heritage Sites and National Parks worldwide. In addition, I've been a devout pilgrim of the Way of St James since I first walked it in 2005, and I usually set out on the Camino once or twice every year. 

I also specialize in world travel photography, including UNESCO Sites and the Camino.

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Machu Picchu

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Andorra . Belize . Holy See . Lithuania . Luxembourg . Moldova . Paraguay . San Marino .

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Brugge 5
Corfu 5
Cuzco 5
Iguacu 5
Reims 5
Rome 5
Urbino 5
Butrint 4.5
Olympia 4.5
Corvey 4
Nancy 4
Prague 4
Quito 4
Sintra 4
Trier 4
Verona 4
Belfries 3.5
Burgundy 3.5
Lübeck 3.5
Belem 3

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