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Hello! My name is Sebastian and I am a 21 year old student from the Netherlands. I thoroughly enjoy travelling and I’ve been actively visiting World Heritage sites since I was about 13/14. I am especially interested in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

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Sebasfhb Netherlands - 27-Jan-23


My first WHS trip in 2023 was to the historic centre of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, which happened to be celebrating its 700th anniversary on the 25th of January (more on that later). Visiting Lithuania has always been a dream of mine. When interested in history from a young age, children usually grow up to choose a certain specific area or period of interest: dinosaurs, Romans and Greek, ancient Egypt, the Vikings, etc. Personally, I “chose” medieval Eastern Europe and don’t ask me why. I just find that specific period in that area immensely interesting

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The Industrial Heritage of Barbados: The Story of Sugar and Rum (T)

Sebasfhb Netherlands - 25-Aug-22

Out of the 5 components (St. Nicholas Abbey, Morgan Lewis Windmill, Newton Burial Ground, Codrington College, Mount Gay Historic Distillery), I visited the first 4. In my opinion and experience, this proposal has high chances of getting inscribed on the World Heritage list. 

Barbados was one of the prime British colonies in the Caribbean and has been widely accredited to be the birthplace of rum, a product of the sugar plantations on the island. The sites proposed tell the story of this sugar and rum production in the Caribbean, in my eyes more than sufficiently. 

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Sebasfhb Netherlands - 14-Aug-22

I visited Bridgetown (August 8th) and its Garrison (August 6th) during my 5-week trip to the Caribbean island of Barbados. If you’re wondering why I chose to spend 5 weeks on this small island: My girlfriend is from Barbados and after the pandemic this was (after 2 failed attempts) the first opportunity for us to travel to Barbados together. 

In previous reviews, Bridgetown and its Garrison were not exactly positively evaluated by fellow World Heritage travellers. I would like to add some nuance, as I think that this site deserves a bit more. According to criterion ii, “Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison had a pivotal role in the development of the English colonies in the Atlantic World”. In fact, Bridgetown served as the main British base in the Eastern Caribbean, both militarily and in trade. It served as a link between the British isles and the other Caribbean island colonies. Sadly, not that much is left from this period

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Sebasfhb Netherlands - 07-Oct-21

So far as archaeological sites in the Balkans go, Butrint is an absolute highlight. I visited Butrint while staying in the popular resort town of Sarandë for 2 weeks, in 2019. Trip from Sarandë is very easy. There is a direct bus connection with Butrint. As there were no 'real' bus stops, we had to stop the bus on the middle of the public road. The route is very scenic. I would recommend stopping at the nice town of Ksamil on the way back, just to lie down on the most well-known and popular 'beach' of Albania. I must say, beaches are not Albania's strongsuit. Butrint is a very nice collection of Greek, Roman, Venetian and Ottoman archaeological sites. Tip: make sure to visit the castle on top on the hill, as you get a very nice view from there

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Hilversum City Hall, Sacro Bosco in Bomarzo

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