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I do all the places that make up one site. Sometimes it's difficult and misleading, like the "Baroque Churches of the Philippines" WHS listing which is in actuality 4 churches in 4 completely different regions (you need to ride a plane or boat), but only has 1 listing. I feel my tour is incomplete if I haven't gone to them all. A good example is Hue, Vietnam. Gia Long was great, but it is one of many on the "multiple locations" list for the Hue site, though it is a little distance away and is easily overlooked. Travelers prone to hurry think they've seen all they want with one or two nearer sites but in the same way i didn't think The Bayon looked anything like Angkor Wat (both part of the Temples of Angkor WHS listing), Gia Long (Vietnam) didn't look like any of the others in the "multiple locations" Hue list. Heck, even the 3 main tombs on the Hue tourist list didn't look anything like each other. They were all wonderful palaces, visually distinct from one another. Doing justice to each WHS is time consuming and expensive but I'm already there and I think well worth it.
I also do all nature trails in national parks that take less than 1 day. I gave up doing them all when 1 trail in Yosemite (USA) went all the way to, I think it was Mt. Rainier? (2 states away.) Also, some of the other park trails were too intimidating, like going smack dab in the middle of the winter wasteland of the entire St. Elias/Wrangell/etc superpark (on foot, not a plane ride.) I think that park area's larger than entire countries put together.
sometimes I am disappointed by WHSs with only 1 trail. Like Ujung Kulon's (Indonesia) took days & I didnt see a rhino or elephant or jaguar, (I saw way too much trash washing up on shore though) and apparently not even the guides who do it for years have seen any.
Of course I realize the animals probably knew we were coming from far away and left or maybe might even have still been there, but remained hidden so I couldn't see them.
I take a lot of pictures. I do all the stuff on the tentative lists as well.
I've also seen some inscribed properties that I'm unhappy with, making me believe the list is bloated. I realize some sites are important or significant in some way, but just the same, i would rather be blown away. I can suggest additional sites that aren't even on a tentative list, like Sipadan (Borneo.) Overall, I'm glad I've heard of the WHS list. I'd never have been to places like Sanqingshan or Lijiang (China) without it.

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