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Sanaa Old Town
  1. Abydos, city of pilgrimage of the Pharaohs (T)
  2. Archaeological site of Marib (T)
  3. Azraq (T)
  4. Balaton Uplands Cultural Landscape (T)
  5. Casablanca, Ville du XXème siécle, carrefour d'influences (T)
  6. Chatham Dockyard and its Defences (T)
  7. Chott El Jerid (T)
  8. Cittadella (Victoria - Gozo) (T)
  9. Coastal Cliffs (T)
  10. Delhi - A Heritage City (T)
  11. Dura Europos (T)
  12. Ebla (Tell Mardikh) (T)
  13. Gadara (Modern Um Qeis or Qays) (T)
  14. Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago (T)
  15. Historic Centre of Guimarães and Couros Zone (extension) (T)
  16. Historic city of Saada (T)
  17. Historical Lisbon, Global City (T)
  18. Île de Djerba (T)
  19. Jerash Archaeological City (Ancient Meeting Place of East and West) (T)
  20. Knights Fortifications around the Harbours of Malta (T)
  21. Le complexe hydraulique romain de Zaghouan-Carthage (T)
  22. Leuven/Louvain, batiments universitaires, l'héritage de six siècles au sein du centre historique (T)
  23. Maaloula (T)
  24. Maltese Catacomb Complexes (T)
  25. Mari (Tell Hariri) (T)
  26. Mari & Europos-Dura sites of Euphrates Valley (T)
  27. Mdina (Citta Vecchia) (T)
  28. Médina de Sfax (T)
  29. Minoan Palatial Centres (T)
  30. Moulay Idriss Zerhoun (T)
  31. Necropolises of Middle Egypt, from the Middle Empire to the Roman period (T)
  32. Oasis de Gabes (T)
  33. Pharaon Island (T)
  34. Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods (T)
  35. Qasr Bshir (a Roman Castellum) (T)
  36. Qawra/Dwejra (T)
  37. The Historic Centre of Sibiu and its Ensemble of Squares (T)
  38. The Historic City of Dublin (T)
  39. Ugrarit (Tell Shamra) (T)
  40. Via Appia 'Regina Viarum' (T)
  41. Victoria Lines Fortifications (T)
  42. Villas of the Papal Nobility (T)

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