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Petra Jay T

Petra by Jay T

Like many of my age, I suspect, my introduction to Petra was via "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", which used the iconic façade of the Treasury to represent a temple housing the legendary Holy Grail. Petra is easily the most recognizable site in Jordan, and was, not surprisingly, the first Jordanian World Heritage Site in 1985. The rock passage through the Siq to this ancient Nabatean city is memorable by day, but even more magnificent during Petra by Night, when the canyon and Treasury are lit up by candles. The ancient music left a bit to be desired for me, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and the shadowy reflections flickering on the rock faces. There is a lot to see in Petra, and long walks are almost guaranteed, unless you take up one of the many offers for camel or donkey rides. I particularly enjoyed the hike to the Monastery at the back of the city, as well as the climb to the High Place of Sacrifice, which offers amazing views of the ancient city below (bring water).

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Kinderdijk Jay T

Kinderdijk by Jay T

The Mill Network at Kinderdijk-Elshout was the Dutch World Heritage Site I was most excited to visit when I traveled to the Netherlands in the summer of 2014. When I was growing up, I had associated windmills with the Netherlands, but I hadn't realized their role in water management until I arrived at Kinderdijk. A theater at the visitor center showed a movie explaining how the mills worked to pump water out of the lower land of the polder so it could be drained into rivers -- I'm rather in awe at the engineering ingenuity the Dutch employed here and throughout the country! Kinderdijk is an outdoor museum of 19 windmills picturesquely situated along canals in a polder just a short distance east of Rotterdam. I had intended to rent a bicycle in Rotterdam to take with me to Kinderdijk, but there were no bikes available at rental sites.

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Galapagos Islands Jay T

Galapagos Islands by Jay T

The Galápagos Islands are a nature-lovers dream, home to giant tortoises, iguanas, sea lions, penguins, flamingos, pelicans, Darwin's famed finches, frigates, and, my favorite, the blue-footed booby. And that's just on land. Rest assured, if you are hoping to see wildlife, you will not be disappointed with the species endemic to these volcanic isles on the Equator. When planning a trip to the Galápagos, you have the choice of joining a multi-day boat tour of the islands or creating your own tour by flying or taking ferries between islands. I chose the latter when I visited the Galápagos in June. If creating your own tour, you also have to decide which islands you'll visit. I chose Santa Cruz Island, in the center of the archipelago, and Isabela Island, the largest of the islands. Santa Cruz Island is home to the Charles Darwin Research Station, on the east side of the main town of Puerto Ayora.

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Budapest Jay T

Budapest by Jay T

Budapest was my first foray into Eastern Europe beyond Russia, and it was an unforgettable city. I traveled to the city by train from Vienna with family and friends in the fall of 2003, and was thus able to consecutively visit both capitals of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. We stayed on the Buda side of the city, west of the Danube, where we spent much of the first day exploring the heights of the Buda Castle district. I particularly enjoyed Matthias church and the glorious view of the Danube from Fisherman's Bastion, an unforgettable overlook. Directly across from the river on the east bank of the Danube is the amazing Hungarian Parliament Building; this view is featured prominently in American advertisements of European river cruises. Just as spectacular are the views of the bridges, which are brightly lit at night.

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Wet Tropics of Queensland Jay T

Wet Tropics of Queensland by Jay T

Lush, green rainforests carpet the low hills of the Wet Tropics of Queensland, which border the beaches, coastal towns, and agricultural fields of the northeast coast of Australia. When I visited the Great Barrier Reef in June 2012, my friend and I chose to visit the hill town of Kuranda, using the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway, which transits through the World Heritage Site. The gondola ride provided an incredible view of the Atherton Tablelands and Barron Gorge National Park, as well as two sightseeing stops along the way. The first stop featured a museum and a walk through the canopy, overlooking ferns and tropical hardwoods; there were also displays about local fauna, though I never did find a cassowary. The second stop included an overlook of Barron Falls, which was not particularly impressive in the dry season.

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  14. Early Synagogues in the Galilee (T)
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  18. Head Office and Garden of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (T)
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  20. Human Rights, Liberation Struggle and Reconciliation: Nelson Mandela Legacy Sites (T)
  21. Jerash Archaeological City (Ancient Meeting Place of East and West) (T)
  22. Khor Dubai (T)
  23. Les Plages du Débarquement, Normandie, 1944 (T)
  24. Mount Vernon (T)
  25. Napier Art Deco historic precinct (T)
  26. Pharaonic temples in Upper Egypt from the Ptolemaic and Roman periods (T)
  27. Pombaline Lisbon (T)
  28. Rade de Marseille (T)
  29. Sea of Galilee & its Ancient Sites (T)
  30. Seoul City Wall (T)
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  39. The Royal Sites of Ireland: Cashel, Dún Ailinne, Hill of Uisneach, Rathcroghan Complex, and Tara Complex (T)
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  42. Waitangi Treaty Grounds historic precinct (T)
  1. Galapagos Islands
  2. Brazilian Atlantic Islands
  3. Cape Floral Region
  4. Gunung Mulu
  5. Ephesus
  6. Dorset and East Devon Coast
  7. Vienna
  8. Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch
  9. Masada
  10. Old City of Acre
  11. Alto Douro
  12. Kenya Lake System
  13. Upper Middle Rhine Valley
  14. Rio de Janeiro
  15. Coffee Cultural Landscape
  16. Persepolis
  17. Koutammakou
  18. Meidan Emam, Esfahan
  19. Thingvellir
  20. Pitons Management Area
  21. Tropical Rainforest Sumatra
  22. Gulf of California
  23. Timbuktu
  24. West Norwegian Fjords
  25. Sagarmatha National Park
  26. Syracuse
  27. Tequila
  28. Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries
  29. Sewell Mining Town
  30. Ouro Preto
  31. South China Karst
  32. Rainforests of the Atsinanana
  33. Valletta
  34. Western Ghats
  35. Al Ain
  36. Amsterdam Canal Ring
  37. Wadi Rum
  38. Grand Pré
  39. El Pinacate
  40. Fujisan
  41. Namib Sand Sea
  42. Okavango Delta
  43. Silk Roads
  44. Los Glaciares
  45. Qhapaq Ñan
  46. Old City of Jerusalem
  47. Great Barrier Reef
  48. Serengeti
  49. SGang Gwaay
  50. Sydney Opera House
  51. Medina of Fez
  52. Stone Town of Zanzibar
  53. Florence
  54. Lalibela
  55. Tasmanian Wilderness
  56. Leptis Magna
  57. Shibam
  58. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve
  59. Cahokia Mounds
  60. Damascus
  61. Old Havana
  62. Bamiyan Valley
  63. Aleppo
  64. Red Fort
  65. Chola Temples
  66. Taj Mahal
  67. Island of Gorée
  68. Abbey of St Gall
  69. Mesa Verde
  70. Cuzco
  71. Machu Picchu
  72. Samarra
  73. Yellowstone
  74. Vatican City
  75. Cracow
  76. Baalbek
  77. Tyre
  78. Aachen Cathedral
  79. Québec
  80. Iguazu National Park
  81. Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
  82. Statue of Liberty
  83. Yosemite National Park
  84. Auschwitz Birkenau
  85. Cordoba
  86. Granada
  87. Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines
  88. Works of Antoni Gaudí
  89. Petra
  90. Medina of Marrakesh
  91. Huascaran National Park
  92. Forts and Castles Gold Coast
  93. Keoladeo National Park
  94. Istanbul
  95. Göreme NP
  96. Great Zimbabwe Ruins
  97. Chan Chan
  98. Giant's Causeway
  99. Site of Carthage
  100. Ironbridge Gorge
  101. Stonehenge
  102. Gwynedd Castles
  103. Seville
  104. Ngorongoro
  105. Skocjan Caves
  106. Venice and its Lagoon
  107. L'Anse aux Meadows
  108. Budapest
  109. Kilimanjaro National Park
  110. Acropolis
  111. Dja Faunal Reserve
  112. Hawaii Volcanoes
  113. Mexico City and Xochimilco
  114. Teotihuacan
  115. Gros Morne National Park
  116. Potosi
  117. Tongariro National Park
  118. Westminster
  119. Great Wall
  120. Imperial Palace
  121. Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor
  122. Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou
  123. Brasilia
  124. Uluru
  125. Meteora
  126. Trinidad and the Valley de los Ingenios
  127. Guanajuato
  128. Chichen-Itza
  129. Strasbourg
  130. Banc d'Arguin
  131. Victoria Falls
  132. Cliff of Bandiagara
  133. Olympia
  134. Santo Domingo
  135. Potsdam
  136. St. Petersburg
  137. Kremlin and Red Square
  138. Te Wahipounamu
  139. Ayutthaya
  140. Borobudur
  141. Paris, Banks of the Seine
  142. Samarkand
  143. Prague
  144. Tikal National Park
  145. Himeji-jo
  146. Angkor
  147. Route of Santiago de Compostela
  148. Ha Long Bay
  149. Hué
  150. Ancient Kyoto
  151. Nasca Lines
  152. Potala Palace
  153. Rapa Nui
  154. Glacier parks
  155. Carlsbad Caverns
  156. Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras
  157. Edinburgh
  158. Grand Canyon
  159. Lake Baikal
  160. Everglades
  161. Volcanoes of Kamchatka
  162. Laponian Area
  163. Genbaku Dome
  164. Independence Hall
  165. Luther Memorials
  166. Salzburg
  167. Maritime Greenwich
  168. Mont-Saint-Michel
  169. Chartres Cathedral
  170. Classical Gardens of Suzhou
  171. Changdeokgung Palace Complex
  172. Kinderdijk
  173. Pompei
  174. Versailles
  175. Costiera Amalfitana
  176. Alejandro de Humboldt National Park
  177. Qadisha Valley
  178. Pyramids (Memphis)
  179. Nubian Monuments
  180. Museumsinsel (Museum Island)
  181. Wartburg Castle
  182. Isole Eolie
  183. Rome
  184. Loire Valley
  185. Dubrovnik
  186. Saint Catherine Area
  187. Walled City of Baku
  188. Valparaiso
  189. Gyeongju
  190. Plitvice Lakes
  191. Jesuit Block and Estancias of Córdoba
  192. Brugge
  193. Pantanal
  194. Noel Kempff Mercado National Park
  195. Virunga National Park
  196. Air and Téneré
  197. Sub-Antarctic Islands
  198. Socotra Archipelago
  199. Bikini Atoll
  200. Meroe