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The Medieval City of Rhodes, built by the Christian military order Knights Hospitalers, is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe. The city center is located within a 4km long wall. It has numerous fine Frankish (Gothic) and Ottoman buildings.

Notable monuments include:

- Collachium (high town), built by the Knights Hospitalers

- Grand Masters' Palace

- St. John's cathedral

- St. Mary's church

- several Byzantine churches turned into mosques after 1523

- city ramparts

Map of Rhodes


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Community Reviews

Chrysoula Greece 19.10.17

We spent a full day exploring The Medieval City of Rhodes and we really liked it. We chose to explore on our own and visited the Palace of the Grand Master, the Hospital of the Knights that houses the Archaeological Museum, the beautiful Mandraki Harbour, and many more sights. There are many things to do in Rhodes town and I will definitely come back to explore the whole island. It was a hot day as it was the end of July but still, we enjoyed it. Next time I would probably visit in June or September to avoid the crowds and the heat wave. You can read more about what you can see in Rhodes town here.

Read more from Chrysoula here.

Alliosoncita La unica Peruchita Switzerland 04.09.13

Rhodes would probably easy make it into the top 25 visited list on a community site for package tour travellers. The city is stuffed with visitors from cruise ships and the nearby party destinations, like Faliraki. No need to mention that almost every building within the walls is either a restaurant, a shop or a pension. Nevertheless Rhodes is one of the most beautiful medieval cities I've seen so far. The 4km town wall is stunning. The city is set at the sea and was occupied by the Ottomans for a few centuries, creating a really special flair. Further, Rhodes island is one of the sunniest places in Europe. Chances that clouds are ruining your pictures between April and October are pretty low. Definitely worth a trip.

Laura Barber, USA 28.11.11

I visited Rhodes through an island tour stop. We spent the better part of the day here. We had a tour of the medieval city but then we explored on our own. the old city was incredible, one surprise after another as you wandered the alley ways. The area by the water was beautiful. I would suggest spending two-three days here; one went by way too fast. We also visited Lindos and I would recommend doing this. Lindos is older but holds a lot of history and is definitely worth the trip.

tassosd, greece

I thouroughly suggest Rhodes as a holiday place , the medieval city is absolutely amazing and very well preserved, in between the two parts of the wall , there is an open theatre where live concerts of greek artists are given , nice music, the mystic yellow lights of the castle, a night summer breeze in the air, friendly people, and charter airplanes crossing the air with their lights every 10 minutes , make Rhodes one of Greeces most dynamic and classic places. The story of this order of St Johns knights is so interesting too, now i ll be looking for some books on this matter. I absolutely enjoyed my time in this magnificent town. One bad thing only, motor bikes should be forbiden of crossing the narrow streets of the old city..the noise is bothering. Thanks!!

Jim Humberd, usa

The city of Rhodes is fabulous. This medieval city has been restored, and is as beautiful a walled city as any of the hundreds we have seen in other countries in Europe

Near some expensive hotels there were a dozen bathing-beauties, some so poor they could only afford half of a bathing suit, so were barefoot from the waist up.

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