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Elis - 23-Jun-24

The site was a bit of a challenging visit, mostly because of the palace. A significant portion of the front area was under renovation, which made navigating the entrance quite confusing. There was no clear signage and at the ticket purchase point someone dressed as Spiderman along with a local tried directing us to an alternative entrance, it all felt a bit like a fever dream. We did manage to get the right tickets in the end.

Once inside the palace grounds, we saw the main pavilions at the back and the museum. But as Frédéric M mentions the lack of info made it difficult to understand the relevance of the things on display

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Sangiran Early Man Site

Elis - 23-Jun-24

I went here on a day trip from Yogyakarta, only visiting the main museum called Museum Manusia Purba Sangiran.

The museum was ok, nothing great, and I would probably be rating this much lower had I already been familiar with the subject matter, but it was cool to go in somewhat blindly and see the skulls, learn about the excavations, etc. for the first time. There are about 3-4 different rooms/halls some of which (particularly the 1st and last) are very focused on homo erectus as well as other animal remains, fossils, etc. I seem to remember the 2nd room being a bit of a mess, my memory fails me a bit but there were a lot of random displays about anything from climate change to Immanuel Kant in here

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