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Name: Veronica

Country: Uruguay-Israel

Visited WHS: 48

Most Impressive: Jerusalem

Proposal New WHS:

  1. Andaman Islands
  2. Baikonur Cosmodrome / Cape Canaveral
  3. Chernobyl
  4. Chicago School of Architecture
  5. Ford River Rouge Complex & Highland Plant
  6. Forests of Southern New Caledonia
  7. Hollywood Studios & Movie Palaces
  8. Kaieteur National Park, Iwokrama Forest and the Kanuku Mountains
  9. Kuhikugu
  10. Marine Reserves of Sinai
  11. Middle and Upper Sepik
  12. Naica Cave: Cave of the Crystals
  13. Nan Madol
  14. Olympic Park in Munich
  15. Panama Canal
  16. Tempelhof Airport, Berlin
  17. The Archaeological Site of Göbeklitepe
  18. The Soviet Architecture of Moscow
  19. Transiberian Railway
  20. Ur