One million visitors or more

Sites that receive one million visitors or more per year (excluding those without entry regulations, eg. cities).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aachen Cathedral 1.17 million (2017)
Acropolis 1.475 million (2016)
Amphitheater of El Jem "Every year, over one million people visit it." (Carthage magazine, 2021)
Amsterdam Canal Ring Anne Frank House 1.266 million (2017)
Ancient Kyoto Kiyomizu Temple (5 Million annually), Nijo Castle (1,776,000 (2015))
Ancient Nara Nara's Todaiji (2.5 Million)
Angkor 2.2 million (2016)
Auschwitz Birkenau 2.1 million (2017)
Bagan "Myanmar's renowned archaeological site Bagan welcomed over 2 million tourists including more than 10,000 foreign tourists this year" (2023)
Borobudur 3.8 million (2016)
Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks Banff National Park: 4.06 million in 2016/17
Cape Floral Region Table Mountain Cableway got over 1 million visitors in 2015/2016
Central Highlands Adam's Peak: 2 million
Changdeokgung Palace Complex "Of the four palaces, Gyeongbok attracted the most visitors, with 2.97 million, followed by Changdeok with 897,000, Deoksu with 703,000 and Changgyeong with 475,000." January to June 2016 (1/2 year)
Chichen-Itza 2,107,410 (2016)
City of Bath The Roman Baths 1,093,856 (2016)
Cologne Cathedral 6 million yearly
Edinburgh Edinburgh Castle 1.8 million (2017)
Ephesus 2.2 million (2023)
Everglades 1.018 million (2017)
Florence Galleria degli Uffizi: 2.010.631 (2016)
Fortified City of Carcassonne more than 3 million visitors annually
Genbaku Dome Hiroshima Peace Museum - 1.739 Million (2016)
Getbol, Korean Tidal Flat "Every year, the 5 tidal flat visitor centers in the nominated property welcome 3,000,000 people" (Nomination text, p. 211)
Granada Alhambra: 2.4 million (2014)
Grand Canal The most frequently visited sites on the canal are: Slender West Lake at Yangzhou (3.2 million visitors in 2012), Suzhou (2.3m), Jiaxing-Hangzhou (1.3m), Nanxun (4.0m), the old city of Beijing (3.0m) and Taierzhuang (1.8m). (AB ev)
Grand Canyon 6.2 million (2017)
Great Smoky Mountains Over 11 million (in 2017)
Great Wall Badaling is believed annually to get 10 million visitors
Gulf of Porto Ce site est fréquenté par 1.1 millions de visiteurs sur une période s'étalant du mois d’avril au mois d’octobre 2012 (Periodic Reporting)
Gusuku of Ryukyu Shuri Castle: 1,875,000 (2015)
Gyeongju Gyeongju is today a major cultural site and tourist destination for South Koreans and foreigners with about 8 to 9 million visitors annually. A great deal of this is due to the city's status as a center of Silla heritage, derived from its former role as the capital of that ancient kingdom. (wikipedia)
Ha Long Bay – Cat Ba Archipelago one million in 1990 - 1991 (AB ev)
Hawaii Volcanoes Hawaii Volcanoes National Park - 2.016 million (in 2017)
Hierapolis-Pamukkale Hierapolis of Phrygia, 1.8 million (2015)
Hill Forts of Rajasthan Amber Fort attracts 1.4 million visitors a year (2007)(wiki)
Himeji-jo 2,867,051 (2015)
Huangshan 3.3 million (2016)
Iguacu 1,642,093 people (2015)
Iguazu National Park visitation to Iguazu is now over one million a year (UNEP-WCMC)
Imperial Palace Forbidden City: more than 14 million visitors annually
Independence Hall 4.79 million (2017)
Istanbul Hagia Sophia: 1.436.577 (2016)
Itsukushima Shrine 2.6 Million Annually
Jeju Ilchulbong Volcanic Cone recieved 1.2 million.
Jiuzhaigou Valley 5.14 million visits in 2016
Kew Gardens 1,477,117 (2016)
Kii Mountain Range Kii's Koyasan (1.2 Million)
Kremlin and Red Square 2.2 million at the Kremlin museums
Kulangsu The State Party indicates that Kulangsu has recently faced a sharp rise in visitor numbers, which increased from 5,748,500 in 2009 to 12,463,000 in 2014. (AB ev)
Kyiv Cathedral and Lavra Kyiv Pechersk Lavra attracted over a million tourists in 2011, reports the press service of the museum
Maritime Greenwich Old Royal Naval College 1,477,117 (2016)
Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor In 2015, over 5 million people visited the site
Meteora "Large numbers of visitors, around two million per year, flood the site (conventional forms of tourism mainly, but also partly related to religious, cultural, eco-tourism, and sports tourism) (Lyratzaki, 2007)"
Mogao Caves "received a record one million visitors so far this year" (Oct 2015)
Mont-Saint-Michel between 2.4 and 2.8 million visitors per year (source 2015)
Mount Sanqingshan "After Mount Sanqingshan National Park (MSNP) was declared a WHS in 2008, tourist numbers have soared from 1.48 million in 2008 to 23.27 million in 2018" (see link)
Mount Taishan "Between 1996-2001, the total number of visitors stayed relatively stable at 2.1 million people per annum (with some 18,000 foreign tourists)."
Namhansanseong "The number of visitors has increased from less than one million per year to more than 3 million (2010)." - AB Evaluation
Old City of Jerusalem Western Wall, Temple Mount
Olympic National Park 3.4 million (2017)
Par force hunting landscape 7.854 million (2003)
Paris, Banks of the Seine 8.1 million visitors to the Louvre in 2017
Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro Prado museum: 3.2 million (2019)
Pilgrimage Church of Wies Heute besuchen jährlich mehr als eine Million Menschen die Kirche (wiki de)
Plitvice Lakes Each year, more than 1 million visitors are recorded (wiki)
Pompei 3.283.740 (2016)
Pont du Gard
Prague Prague Castle: 2,100,740 (2016)
Prambanan 2019: 2,326,122 Indonesian and 183,533 international visitors
Pyramids (Memphis) "millions"
Qutb Minar 3,8950,000
Red Fort 2,101,000 (2006)
Rome Colosseum and Forum Romanum: 6.408.652 (2016)
Royal Joseon Tombs "More than 1.02 million people visited royal tombs of the Joseon scattered around Seoul and the nearby Gyeonggi Province during the same period."
San Antonio Missions Alamo: roughly 2 million (source 2014)
Schönbrunn 3.800.000 (2017)
Selimiye Mosque Nearly 3 million people come to visit the historical mosque every year (see link)
Singapore Botanic Gardens 4.5 million visitors annually (wiki)
South China Karst Guilin Lijiang River Karst (2,096,000 visitors in 2012)
St. Petersburg Hermitage: 4 million (2016)
Statue of Liberty the Statue of Liberty was visited by 3.14 million people in 2022
Stonehenge 1,381,855 (2016)
Sydney Opera House It attracts more than 8 million visitors a year (2016-2017)
Taj Mahal 8 million (2017)
Teide National Park 4.079.823 (2016)
Teotihuacan It is the most visited archeological site in Mexico, receiving 4,185,017 visitors in 2017 (wiki)
Tongariro National Park Of the 1 million annual visitors to the national park, large numbers of visitors do short walks within or on the fringes of the park (see link)
Tower of London 2,741,126 (2016)
Trang An "The property received a total of just over one million visitors in 2011" Nom file
Vatican City Musei Vaticani: ca. 6.8 million (2019)
Venice and its Lagoon Palazzo Ducale: 1.276.127 (2015)
Versailles 7,527,122
Vienna Stephansdom receives about 3 million visitors a year
West Lake 20 million a year! (AB ev)
West Norwegian Fjords Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord receive more than one million visitors a year. (Nom file)
Westminster Westminster Abbey 1,819,945 (2016)
Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines The Wieliczka Salt Mine in August said it attracted 1.4 million visitors in the first seven months of this year and was on track to set its all-time annual record in the number of visitors. (Oct 2018)
Works of Antoni Gaudí Sagrada Familia 4.56 million (2016)
Wulingyuan Millions, 1.4 million in summer alone
Yellowstone 4.1 million (2017)
Yosemite National Park 4.3 million (2017)
Zollverein 1.5 million (2017)


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