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Travelling has been one of my main interests for a long time. During my trips I realized that so many interesting places were World Heritage Sites, so I started using these Unesco places as a guide to plan new adventures.

After visiting two of the oldest inscribed sites last summer, I started feeling more interested in those old ones, the first 12 sites. My future trips are going to be more focused on seeing those 12, and all the ones I can catch nearby.

"1978 sites" visited:

Galapagos Islands, City of Quito

Future plans (no date yet):

Nordrhein-Westfalen (Aachen Cathedral, Cologne Cathedral, Castles in Brühl, Zollverein...)

Newfoundland and Labrador (L'Anse aux Meadows, Gros Morne, Mistaken point, Red Bay)

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Tonisan Spain - 07-May-19


Visited September 2018

Quito is a very beautiful, well-preserved and tourist-friendly city. You can safely walk around the city center and become amazed at its beauty, and visit a lot of Baroque buildings, especially churches.

While in Quito I visited some of them. The ones I would definitely recommend are Compañía de Jesús and San Francisco. The first has an admission ticket and you can join a guided tour inside with no extra cost. You can visit the second for free, both the church and the cloister, but the museum it hosts has an entrance fee. You can also take a free tour guide there. Both are great examples of the Escuela Quiteña, the buildings themselves and the works of art you can admire inside.

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Galapagos Islands

Tonisan Spain - 07-May-19

Galapagos Islands

Visited August/September 2018

As a nature lover, the Galapagos Islands had always been on my bucket list. And they didn't disappoint a bit.

Being quite a remote destination, I assumed that probably I'll never go back, so I decided to spend most of my two week vacation there. I wanted to visit a few diferent islands in order to see diferent species of plants and animals and it took time.

There are two ways of seeing the islands, one is on a cruise and the other one is staying a few days in some of the inhabited islands and taking day tours from there. The second option is becoming more and more popular, and it was what I did because it gives you the chance to enjoy local life.

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Works of Antoni Gaudí

Tonisan Spain - 06-May-19

Works of Antoni Gaudí

Visited May 2019

For a first review, I thought it would be nice if I wrote about a place that hasn't been reviewed yet on this website. So, as Casa Vicens opened to the public a year and a half ago, and none of the members of this community has reviewed it yet, I decided to visit it and do it myself.

Casa Vicens was the first building Gaudí designed in Barcelona

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