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Hello! I love to travel and usually make sure to see any WHS in the area. I've lived in Korea for many years now and have visited all the WHS as well as all the tentative sites in the country. My hope is to one day be considered an authority in Korea travel. I have my own world heritage theme blog, but havent updated much lately.

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Julio Moreno
United States
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Te Wahipounamu
Channel Islands National Park

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Update 05.07.22
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Angkor 5
Bagan 5
Rome 5
Pompei 4.5
Florence 3.5
Jeju 3.5
Nikko 3.5
Redwood 3.5
Vigan 3.5
Fujisan 2.5
Cuzco 1.5
Naples 1.5
Tequila 1.5
Lima 1
Macao 0.5

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