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As a traveler with a preference for public transport, my visits are often skewed towards cultural heritages nestled within cities and towns. Not being a car person means I rarely venture to less accessible locations unless persuaded by friends for a road or bicycle trip. Despite this limitation, I don't hold out hope that I can visit more than 30% of WHS :D, but I am still enjoying my journeys with WHS visits. Discovering this platform has been a joy, offering a treasure trove of information and wonderfully detailed maps that enhance my travel planning.

I value the essence of sharing detailed reviews. Whenever my evaluation of a site deviates by more than 0.75 above/below Std, I make it a point to leave detailed reviews. My criteria for underrating often stem from the site being overly touristic, where the sheer volume of visitors impedes the ability to appreciate its OUV. On the flip side, experiences like engaging in guided tours that offer profound insights into the site's unique attributes and historical significance can lead me to overrate a site.

My interests particularly gravitate towards heritage sites that are pivotal to scientific discoveries and technological advancements. Sites that resonate with this theme tend to receive higher scores from me, reflecting my fascination with how they have shaped human knowledge and progress. A memorable visit to the Greenwich Observatory, for instance, left a lasting impression on me. Witnessing John Harrison's marine timekeepers and understanding their crucial role in solving the longitude problem highlighted why Greenwich is the rightful home of the Prime Meridian. Such experiences not only enrich my passion for heritage sites but also inspire me in my pursuits as a researcher, looking up to figures like Harrison as role models for the kind of impact I aspire to achieve.

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