"A serapeum is a temple or other religious institution dedicated to the syncretic Hellenistic-Egyptian god Serapis. who combined aspects of Osiris and Apis in a humanized form that was accepted by the Ptolomaic Greeks of Alexandria. There were several such religious centers, each of which was a serapeion ( Greek: Σεραπεῖον) or, in its Latinized form, a serapeum." (Wiki)

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ephesus "Another Temple of Serapis is in Ephesus .... The temple is located behind the Library of Celsus. The Egyptian temple was turned into a Christian church." (Wiki)
Pergamon Red Basilica
Pyramids (Memphis) The Serapeum of Saqqara - see
Rome 3 are known of (all Wiki) : Regio Terte "within the city of Rome was named Isis et Serapis because it contained a temple dedicated to the two Egyptian deities" Campus Martius - "The temple was finally built by Gaius Caligula on the area known as Campus Martius, between the Saepta Julia and the Temple of Minerva and the Temple of Minerva circa 37-41 CE" Quirinal Hill - "The temple built on Quirinal Hill and dedicated to Serapis was, by most surviving accounts, the most sumptuous and architectonically ambitious of those built on the hill; its remains are still visible between Palazzo Colunna and the Pontifical Gregorian University" .
Villa Adriana (Tivoli) "One of the most striking and best preserved parts of the Villa are a pool and an artificial grotto which were named Canopus and Serapeum, respectively. Canopus was an Egyptian city where a temple (Serapeum) was dedicated to the god Serapis. However, the architecture is Greek influenced (typical in Roman architecture of the High and Late Empire) as seen in the Corinthian columns and the copies of famous Greek statues that surround the pool. One anecdote involves the Serapeum and its peculiarly-shaped dome. A prominent architect of the day, Apollodorus of Damascus, dismisses Hadrian's designs, comparing the dome on the Serapeum to a "pumpkin". The full quote is "Go away and draw your pumpkins. You know nothing about these [architectural] matters." (Wiki)


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