Alexander the Great

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient Merv Known as "Alexandira Margiana" See link. Also from the Nom File - "The oasis formed part of Alexander the Great's empire, and Pliny (NH VI, 16-17) suggested that the Hellenistic city was founded by Alexander".
Archaeological Site of Aigai Tomb of his Father
Archaeological Site of Delphi
Crac des Chevaliers Wiki describes the legend of how, around 334BC (and supposedly assisted by Hercules!), Alexander the Great captured the castle then existing on the site of the structure now known as Qal?at Salah ad-Din
Derbent Has been linked to the location of the Gates of Alexander, the legendary barrier supposedly built by Alexander the Great in the Caucasus to keep the non-Greeks of the north from invading the land to the south.
Pyramids (Memphis)
Samarkand He conquered it in 329 BC.
Susa The "Susa Weddings"
Troy He landed there to anoint the Grave of his ancestor Achilles


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