Man-made or naturally-occurring representations of human or animal body parts incised in rock (i.e not full body representations).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Ancient Nara Buddha's footprint at Yakushi-ji
Central Highlands Footprint at Adam's Peak (of Buddha, Adam, Shiva or Saint Thomas).
Hal Saflieni Hypogeum A carved left hand is to be found on the wall of the Decorated Hall in the Hypogeum
Istanbul Footprint of Mohammed in Topkapi
Kernavë See " 16.1.4. the stone with 'footmarks of the Christ, the Virgin Mary and the lamb', M 123;" in this link for Kernave
Mesa Verde Hand glyphs
Old City of Jerusalem Foundation Stone on the Dome of the Rock has "marks" of the footprint of Mohammed (made as he stepped upon it to mount his horse Barak when commencing his ride to Paradise), Barak's Hoofprint and the hand/finger print of Gabriel (who was holding back the rock as it tried to follow Mohammed).
Rome The Church of San Sebasiano Fuori le Mura contains a stone "carrying the alleged footprints of Jesus related to the episode of "Quo Vadis" in the apocryphal Acts of Peter"
St. Kilda At Portpatrick on the Island of St. Kilda, there is the impression of a pair of knees and a right hand, said to be those of St. Patrick in the posture of prayer
Tchogha Zanbil There is apparently a 3,000 year old footprint of a child at the foot of the Ziggurat.


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