Parc National du Pico da Neblina (Amazonas) (T) N/A
Montagne Sainte-Victoire et sites cezaniens (T) 17%
Mt. Soraksan Nature Reserve (T) 86%
Parque Nacional Ybyturuzu (T) N/A
Massif du Retezat (T) 100%
Pietrosul Rodnei (sommet de montagne) (T) 50%
Huong Son Complex of Natural Beauty and Historical Monuments (T) 100%
"Baku Stage" Mountain (T) 0%
Aire du Dragonnier Ajgal (T) 50%
Mulanje Mountain Biosphere Reserve (T) N/A
Mt. Myohyang and the Relics in and around the Mountain (T) 33%
Mt. Kumgang and the Historical Relics in and around the Mountain (T) 2024 100%
Parc national de la Vanoise (T) 100%
Massif du Mont Blanc (T) 78%
Hua Shan Scenic Area (T) 75%
Yandang Mountain (T) 100%
Dali Chanshan Mountain and Erhai Lake Scenic Spot (T) 71%
Parc national des Écrins (T) 50%
Northern Tyan-Shan (Ile-Alatau State National Park) (T) 100%
Mt. Sara National Park (T) 100%
Natural Reserves of Tatras Mountain (T) 57%
Parc des Aurès avec les établissements oasiens des gorges du Rhoufi et d’El Kantara (T) N/A
Mountain Chains (T) 0%
The Mediterranean Facet of the Pyrenees (France-Spain) (T) 56%
The Scotland District of Barbados (T) 43%
Velebit Mountain (T) 0%
Fann mountains (T) 100%
The Marble Basin of Carrara (T) 77%
Ancares - Somiedo (T) 100%
Arasbaran Protected Area (T) 0%
Sabalan (T) N/A
Mta-Tusheti (T) 100%
Massif du Mont-Blanc (T) 82%
Damavand (T) N/A
The natural and architectural ensemble of Blidinje (T) 0%
Zaamin Mountains (T) N/A
Gissar Mountains (T) N/A
Boysun (T) N/A
The Four Sacred Mountains as an Extension of Mt. Taishan (T) 67%
Parc National d'El Feija (T) N/A
The Ilmensky mountains (T) N/A
China Altay (T) 100%
Karakorum-Pamir (T) 100%
Central Balkan National Park (T) 40%
Bashkir Ural (T) N/A
Tayrona and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Parks and their Archaeological Sites (T) 100%
The broader region of Mount Olympus (T) 2025 80%
Zagorochoria - North Pindos National Park (FT) 2023 80%
Natma Taung National Park (T) N/A
Western Caucasus (re-nomination) (T) 0%
Tulin-Guge Scenic and Historic Interest Areas (T) N/A
Mount Harşena and the Rock-tombs of the Pontic Kings (T) 100%
Central Karakorum National Park (T) 100%
Deosai National Park (T) N/A
Gombak Selangor Quartz Ridge (T) 0%
Les Alpes de la Méditerranée (Italy) (T) 46%
Guancen Mountain -- Luya Mountain (T) N/A
Scenic and historic area of Sacred Mountains and Lakes (T) N/A
Taihang Mountain (T) 100%
Natural-Historical Complex / Cave of Karaftoo (T) N/A
Sanmartinian Routes (FT) 50%
Huayllay National Sanctuary (T) N/A
Defensores del Chaco National Park (T) N/A
Simien Mountains National Park (SMNP) (T) 100%
Nyandarua Mountains (T) 0%
Eastern Arc Mountains, Kenya (T) N/A
Kitanglad and Kalatungan Mountain Ranges: Sacred Sites of Bukidnon (T) N/A