Nyandarua Mountains

Photo by Roman Bruehwiler.

Nyandarua Mountains is part of the Tentative list of Kenya in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

The Nyandarua Mountains (formerly known as the Aberdares) comprise a mountain range of volcanic origin. The area holds beautiful waterfalls and catchment areas for the Tana River, the largest river in Kenya, which is rich in fish species. Their forests are known for endemic plants and birds.

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Zoë Sheng

Chinese-Canadian - 11-Jan-24 -

Nyandarua Mountains (T) by Zoë Sheng

The site is still called Aberdares Range no matter what the description says. It could be be that only certain mountains are to be inscribed but the waterfalls are definitely the highlight of your trip through the range 

I entered at the Mutubio West Gate which isn't far from Lake Nakuru although the road can be a bit tough. It gets surprisingly better as you get closer to the gate. Ensure you have your eCitizen ticket ready because there is no data connection in the range.

Your first stop from here will be Karuru Waterfall which is a bumpy ride but well wirh it. From the parking lot you walk a few minutes for spectacular views across the valley and down the falls. It's a triple stage drop that is best scene from the right side. If your route is like mine and another group I met here then you should enjoy it a bit longer. The rest of the range won't be as good.

Bumpy road back onward to Magura Falls & Queens Cave which were skipped by the second group and I agree there isn't much to see. It's not even a cave but a smelly cavern you can enter. As that isn't too spectacular I suggest looking at it from the top and move on.

Third stop is Chania Waterfall. You need to climb far down for this on and even though you can see it well from the top you can get a different perspective from below. It is a long way up again.

On the last stretch to Treetops Gate you get ti see bamboo forests. That was the tour. You can alter this and continue further up north but this took 3h and I had enough. That also means that I don't think it was worth the entrance fee. The main pro is that I had a neat safari shortcut to Mount Kenya this way.

I also saw elephants using the road, many monkeys and a few more minor attractions but unfortunately the road is always covered with foliage and you don't see much if the range beyond. It isn't good for spotting creatures at all. So while I always want to encourage natural sites to be inscribed I find this just plain...nature. Nothing unique, nothing special, I'm just happy it's a large protected area.

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Nyandarua Mountains
Natural landscape - Mountain
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Nyandarua Mountains (T)


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