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I became aware of World Heritage Sites in 1996, when I was living in Australia. Any travel plans that I make now almost always have to include a WHS. When my husband and I were planning our honeymoon destination, we considered any place in the Caribbean that had a WHS and so St. Kitts it was! It's annoying that I've been to the Philippines 13 times but have not visited a single WHS there (every trip has been with my parents to see the many, many relatives). I guess I'll have to go a 14th time in the future!

Since there are currently 1,007 sites, a more realistic goal for me is to see all North American World Heritage sites. I have visited 11 out of Canada's 15 sites, as of 2011. We travelled to all 5 of the province of Alberta's sites in 10 days, which was not easy considering the distance between some of them! As an American, it always surprises me when I meet another American who has not ventured to the beautiful country just north of ours. In the near future, I would also like to visit more European sites so I can catch up with some of you who have seen so many!

Happy and safe traveling to all!

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Emilia Bautista King USA - 15-Aug-15

We traveled to Yellowstone during the height of tourist season but this did not deter us from seeing the many impressive features that the part has to offer. We also had our young children with us (ages 8 and 5) and this was a wonderful experience for them! Our first order of business was to visit the Albright Visitor Center at Mammoth Hot Springs, where we signed up the kids for the Junior Ranger program (worth it if you are traveling with kids) and where the WHS plaque is located. I suggest that you leave your car parked in the visitor center's parking lot and then walk the short distance to the Mammoth Hot Springs, which is an interesting thermal feature. There are also lots of elk roaming around the town, especially at dusk.

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Joggins Fossil Cliffs

Emilia Bautista King USA - 22-Aug-11

The fossil cliffs were really amazing, especially with the Bay of Fundy (known to have the highest tides in the world) right there beside them. We arrived there just in time for a tour with a docent, who took us to the beach during low tide. My daughter loved beachcombing for seaglass, which people are allowed to take. Fossils and rocks are prohibited for taking. Our docent was knowledgeable about the area and was available for people's questions, even after the tour. The centre is just as impressive, as it houses the fossil of the oldest reptile in the world. It also takes children into account and has a cave-like movie area in which one needs to crawl to enter. Stay in the centre for lunch, as the food is tasty and fairly priced. The souvenirs are also high quality

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Old Town Lunenburg

Emilia Bautista King USA - 22-Aug-11

I must say that I'm usually pleased with how Canadians take pride in their World Heritage Sites. Old Lunenburg is no exception. A lovely area in the old town (to the right of the town's bandstand) is dedicated to the site's inscription as a WHS, which includes the WHS plaque, the UN flag, and information about other WHS in Canada. A bonus is the playground next to this area. My kids played while I took pictures! Although hilly, it's easy to walk around the town. I saw many people mowing their lawns or just relaxing on the front porches. Enjoy looking at old homes with beautiful exterior colours!

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