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Jewish-Medieval heritage of Erfurt

NoahFranc Germany - 12-Nov-23

I stopped here today on my way to Berlin and visited both the Mikwe (there is an aboveground viewing window) and the old synagogue, with a small museum inside. Contrary to the other reviews here, I quite appreciated both the good fortune that led to the main building surviving, as well as the dedication that went into rescuing it, while still allowing all its uses over the centuries to be visible in the stone and wood. 

Was it "big" and "impressive" like others? No, sadly not, and I do think the SchUM sites offer a more comprehensive look at German-Jewish history. However, I am glad it's preserved and honored, even if it's a smaller site than others.  

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Gusuku of Ryukyu

NoahFranc Germany - 20-Oct-23

During our honeymoon in Okinawa, I insisted that we stop at at least a few of the Ryuku sites. The first place we went to was Nakijin-Jo, in the north of the island. Out of the castle ruins, these were the most expansive and still offer both great views and a sense of the scale, size, and layout of the place when it was in use. There is an excellent visitor center and parking. 

While driving south, we stopped at Zakimi-Jo, which was much smaller and more contained, but still nice to see, and a local couple was taking their wedding photos there.  

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Völklingen Ironworks

NoahFranc Germany - 20-Oct-23

My wife loves this sort of place, industrial buildings and complexes seemingly abandoned to nature (though this one is obviously not abandoned, but is very well-maintained). 

The exhibits and info spots are all excellent and well-organized, but there are plenty of parts here where you can just walk around and explore and really feel the size and scope of this massive industrial factory. It absolutely conveys a sense of the sheer physical power that must have been felt in these early parts of the industrial revolution. I am very glad it's so well maintained, and parts of it are rented out to local artists to use as workshops. The perfect way to take something and adapt it beyond what it was originally meant to do. 

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Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt

NoahFranc Germany - 05-Nov-23

As an honorary Darmstädter (I live one town over with my wife), I was super excited when this was inscribed! It is a unique period in art history, one I was not that familiar with, but the buildings are visible from afar and have a unique feel to their look, thanks to their excellent preservation. It's small, compact, and easy to visit! 

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NoahFranc Germany - 24-Sep-23

Trier had been on my bucket list for a long time, as a history buff, and it was a treat to finally be able to go there and go bit by bit through the extensive Roman ruins there. What remains of the bathhouse is surprisingly well-managed and allows one to get a sense of the size of the old Roman baths. Plus, it was cool to be able to walk through what would have been the underground service levels of the facility. The Black Gate well deserves its iconic status, as it's one of the best preserved Roman structures outside of the Mediterranean region. 

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