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Birka and Hovgarden

MirksB - 17-Dec-22

It is possible to take the commuter train to Södertälje, and then a few steps to the steam ship Eidern that goes to Birka once a day in the summer months. 350kr return for adults, 160 for under 18yrs.

Birka itself is mostly a green grassy field, an archeological site. The buildings, forts, and ships are reconstructions of Viking artefacts. 

If the weather is bad, you will not enjoy the site. If it is a glorious summer day and you bring a picknick and enjoy the boat ride you will have a nice visit. 

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Erbil Citadel

MirksB - 17-Dec-22

Visited on November 4th 2022.

The citadel is a museal site. It is said that one family still lives here, but to the visitor it seems deserted. There are a couple of small sleepy one room museums, and a tourist souvenir shop. The citadel is more impressive from the street level looking up. Once inside it does not have much to offer the visitor, besides the feeling of being present in this historic fortification. Allow 25 minutes for a visit. No entry charge.

The terraced coffe shop below the gate is a perfect place for brunch, and the teeming market below is joy to visit with all its raquous activity. 

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