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Aapravasi Ghat Hospital Block
Aggtelek and Slovak Karst sanatorium at the Peace Cave
Alcala de Henares Hospital de Antezana (1483)
Aleppo Bimaristan Arghoun
Angkor "The Chapel of the Hospital" - The chapel is all that remains of a hospital built during the reign of King Jayavarman VII (1125-1218 r from c1181) He is credited with constructing 102 hospitals within Cambodia, inspired by his Mahayana Buddhist beliefs. In modern times he has become "a kind of paradigmatic national hero, who was credited not only with establishing the full greatness of the Cambodian nation but also with bringing into being a welfare state that was motivated by Buddhism and dedicated to serving both the spiritual and the physical needs of the Cambodian people" (Brtiannica).
Aranjuez Hospital de San Carlos, ordered by Charles III in 1750
Auschwitz Birkenau The Nazis set up a number of "Hospitals" or "infirmaries" witthin the camp. Auschwitz I had "block 19, the Schonungsblock for convalescent prisoners; block 20, the contagious diseases block; block 21, the surgical block; and block 28, the internal medicine block." In reality of course the "treatment" included medical experimentation and selection for execution. Insofar as it existed at all it was aimed at "reducing the prisoner death rate?in relation to prisoners who seemed likely to return to labor in a short time." See
Australian Convict Sites Port Arthur
Banska Stiavnica Old Hospital and Miners' Hospital in Bansk? ?tiavnica, Miners' Hospital in ?tiavnick? Bane, Miners' Hospital in Hodru?a - H?mre
Bridgetown Ordnance Hospital Lexham
Brimstone Hill Fortress Militairy hospital
Brugge Saint John's Hospital
Budapest "Hospital in the Rock" WWII hospital built into the caves under Buda Castle. Used later during the 56 rebellion and as a nuclear bunker.
Burgundy Hospices de Beaune
Bursa and Cumalikizik Y
Camagüey San Juan de Dios
Camino Real Former Royal hospital of San Juan de Dios of San Miguel de Allende (dating from 1770)
Cistercian Abbey of Fontenay
Cordoba Hospital del Cardenal Salazar
Cracow under Austrian rule Wawel served as barracks and a military hospital
Cuenca Hospital of Santiago
Elvas Military Hospital ... now part of the Hotel S
Epidaurus Asklepios was the Greek god of medicine, this site has temples devoted to him and hospital buildings
Florence Santa Maria Nuova Hospital
Fray Bentos In the residential area built for the workers
Ha Long Bay The Hospital Cave on Cat Ba was used as a secret hospital during the Vietnam War
Heritage of Mercury San Rafael Miners
Historic Cairo Qala'un complex
Hospicio Cabañas
Island of Mozambique Holy House of Mercy - former hospital
Kulangsu Hongning Hospital
Lübeck Heiligen Geist Hospital
Mammoth Cave "In 1842, Dr. John Croghan, seeking a cure for tuberculosis, established an unsuccessful treatment center within the Mammoth Cave system. Two of the six patients' huts, erected in the cave, remain today." - Nomination File
Maritime Greenwich Greenwich Naval College was originally built as the "Royal Hospital for Sailors"
Mining Sites of Wallonia Bois du Luc, hospice, built in 1861. It was extended with a hospital
Mérida Xenodochium
Naples Ospedale L'Albergo Reale dei Poveri
Nesvizh Used as a sanitorium during the Soviet era
Nord-Pas de Calais Mining Basin numerous hospitals, dispensaries, pharmacies, maternity clinics, milk depots, etc., for the miners and their families (AB ev)
Old City of Jerusalem Historical hospital at the Muristan
Palau de la Musica Catalana and Hospital de Sant Pau
Paris, Banks of the Seine Les Invalides
Pienza "Two structures with a social function, the hospital and the inn in front of the church of St Francis, were also built on his orders." (AB ev)
Quito San Juan de Dios Hospital (now City Museum)
Regensburg St Katherinen Spital dates back to 1212
Route of Santiago de Compostela
Routes of Santiago de Compostela in France
Royal Exhibition Building it was used a fever hospital during the First World War (Unesco website)
Safi al-Din Ensemble in Ardabil
Salamanca Hospital del Estudio (dates from 15th century, now part of the University)
Saltaire The "Sir Titus Salt" hospital was built in 1868 as part of Salt's philanthropic vision for the town - "Salts hospital was opened in 1868 as a casualty ward for accidents in the Mill and then developed into a small hospital." It is now converted into flats (apartments).
Salzburg B
Santa Cruz de Mompox San Juan de Dios Hospital was founded in 1550, and is considered to be oldest hospital in America still functioning in its original building.
Santiago de Compostela Former Hospital and Church of San Roque, "built to provide health care due to the 16th-century plague epidemics"
Santo Domingo Hospital San Nicol?s de Bari (first hospital built of stone in the Americas)
Sewell Mining Town Old Hospital
Siena Santa Maria della Scala - "one of Europe's first hospitals and is one of the oldest hospitals still surviving in the world" (wiki)
St. George, Bermuda military hospital
Stone Town of Zanzibar The Old Dispensary - built originally as a hospital but seems never have been used as such
Stralsund and Wismar Hospital zum heiligen Geist at Stralsund
Strasbourg The medieval hospital was destroyed by fire but its wine cellars survived the fire and are still active.
Tokaji Wine Region Catholic Hospital
Toledo Hospital Santa Cruz
Venice and its Lagoon Hospital complex on Castello
Vineyard Landscape of Piedmont Ospedale Santo Spirito at Nizza Monferrato
Wachau Cultural Landscape Kloster Und in Krems served as a hospital.


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