WHS containing a temple to Asklepius the Greek god of medicine - "These healing temples were a place where patients would visit to receive either treatment or some sort of healing, whether it was spiritual or physical." (Wiki - see )

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Acropolis The Asklepion was situated on the South slope of the Acropolis - "founded in the end of 5th century BCE by a man named Telemachus, who brought the cult of the healer god in Athens from Epidaurus. The place where it was built was selected because there was a small spring, very essential element for the cleaning of the patients.The sanctuary consisted of a the small temple of Asclepius and two stoas. The one was Doric and two-storied. This was used as an infirmary. It was called enkoimeterion (the place where someone sleeps) because there slept the patients waiting to see the god in their dream, giving the advises for treatment or to cure them. A second smaller ionic stoa could be found westwards. It had four rooms in which the various visitors resided. The sanctuary was destroyed in 267 CE by their Heruli and later on, was replaced by a Christian basilica dedicated to the Saints Anargyri, not by chance, as they are considered protectors of health."
Agrigento "The Temple of Asclepius is located in the middle of the San Gregorio plain."
Butrint "By the 4th century BC it had grown in importance and included a theatre, a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius" (Wiki). "Butrint owes its growth and early fame to a sanctuary dedicated to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine. The sanctuary was located on the south slope of the acropolis. Worshippers came to the sanctuary in order to be healed, leaving symbolic objects and money to the god and his attendant priests. The sanctuary was the making of Butrint and the sacred power of Butrint’s water was revered as long as the town lasted."
Epidaurus "The Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus is a remarkable testament to the healing cults of the Ancient World and witness to the emergence of scientific medicine......The Sanctuary is the earliest organized sanatorium and is significant for its association with the history of medicine, providing evidence of the transition from belief in divine healing to the science of medicine." (UNESCO)
Old City of Jerusalem Pool of Bethesda
Paphos Paphos Archaeological Park contains an Asklepieion in the west wing of the Agora
Pergamon Sanctuary of Askelpius "Further to the south-west the Asclepieion healing centre was developed under the great physician and pharmacist Galen, with its own theatre, temple to Zeus-Asclepius, sacred fountain, circular treatment building, and connected to Kale Hill by a 1km sacred way. The centre reached its peak of importance in the 2nd century AD as a famous sanctuary for pilgrims seeking a cure." (AB)
Rome Tiber Island - "Being a seat of the ancient temple of Asclepius and later a hospital, the island is associated with medicine and healing."... "Faint vestiges of Aesculapius' rod with an entwining snake are still visible on the "prow"." See


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