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Vallée de Mai 23-Mar-09

Having just spent a week on Praslin Island, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to visit this tiny WHS. Claims that this might have been the original garden of Eden are a bit exaggerated, but the atmosphere is definitely unique with giant palm fronds casting an interesting atmosphere under the canopy. Of course, the rather anantomically correct male and female Coco de Mer palms are the real stars of the show, and was very glad one of those giant nuts didn't fall on my head. It was also nice to see the steep entrance fee being put to good use, as they were nearing completion on a brand new visitor's center when I visited (March 2009)

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Ancient Thebes 28-Apr-06

Once the religious center of ancient Egypt, the Temple of Karnak was as impressive as they come. And while repeated exposure to ancient sites tends to leave one jaded to a place's importance, Luxor and its surrounds still made for a wonderful place to wander about and image the glory of the days of the Pharoahs

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Piazza del Duomo (Pisa) 08-Nov-05

My visit here was at the age of eight years old. How my mother let my go climbing around those precarious stairs and ledges is beond me. Regardless, even at that tender age I remember the magnificent view and could tell that this was someplace special

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Vienna 07-Nov-05

Vienna's center speaks volumes of the granduer of its imperial past.

Without having any particular destination in mind, I simply enjoyed drinking in the atmosphere of this charming capital.

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Göreme NP

Göreme NP by Ben Pastore

Words can't really describe this moonscape of both natural and man-made sculptures of rock. Troglodyte dwellings of generations past are fun to wander through and their architectural style can best be described as early Dr. Suess. A balloon ride, though expensive is beyond worth the price as the surreal landscape will take the breath away from even the most jaded traveler. My own recommendation is to stay in a cave hotel for a unique and fun way to spend the night.

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Name: Ben Pastore

Country: USA

Visited WHS: 81

Most Impressive: Te Wahipounamu -New Zealand

Proposal New WHS: Historic Center of Parati, Brazil