Jewish religion and culture

WHS with physical remains of Jewish religion or culture. These may include synagogues, cemeteries, and specific town quarters such as mellahs. Mikveh (ritual baths) are gathered in a separate connection.

Connected Sites

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Aleppo Central Synagogue
Amsterdam Canal Ring The large Portuguese Synagogue is actually outside the core zone, but the canal area includes minor synagogues and jewish almshouses
Aquileia Claim that mosaics in the "Paleo Christian museum" are from a synagogue
Arab-Norman Palermo ... fruitful coexistence of people of different origins (Muslim, Byzantine, Latin, Jewish, Lombard, and French) (OUV)
Asmara Asmara synagogue
Banska Stiavnica synagogue
Bardejov Town
Berat and Gjirokastra Sabbatai Zevi's Tomb in Berat
Biblical Tells
Bridgetown Synagogue, established in 1654
Budapest Medieval synagogue on Buda hill
Bukhara Jewish quarter
Caceres Jewish quarter
Caves of Maresha and Bet Guvrin Jewish graves
Cesky Krumlov Synagogue
Cologne Cathedral "Jewish tablets Embedded in the interior wall are a pair of tablets on which are carved the provisions worked out by Archbishop Englebert II (1262-67) under which Jews were permitted to reside in Cologne"
Colonia del Sacramento Mikveh
Colonies of Benevolence In the Veenhuizen Colony, a synagogue was built in 1839. "In 1894 the synagogue was converted into an office, although the main design of its exterior has been preserved." Veenhuizen also has "remnants of (a) Jewish cemetery (...), with one remaining gravestone". (Nomination file, p. 66, 68)
Corfu Scuola Greca Synagogue
Coro and its Port Synagogue
Damascus Several synagogues, among those the French Synagogue
Delos Oldest synagogue in the diaspora (disputed; at least "an assembly hall for Jews")
Djerba Includes "the vestiges of Hara Sghira, a Jewish residential neighbourhood dating back to the 10th century CE, and includes remains of a Jewish school, cemeteries, and a number of synagogues", as well as the Synagogue El Ghriba.
Dubrovnik Old Synagogue
Fasil Ghebbi Fasil Ghebbi and the other remains in Gondar city demonstrate a remarkable interface between internal and external cultures, with cultural elements related to Ethiopian Orthodox Church,Ethiopian Jews and Muslims. (UNESCO website)
Ferrara Synagogue and jewish cemetery
Florence Tempio Maggiore (Great Synagogue)
Funerary and memory sites of the First World War ME05 Douaumont French Ossuary, National French Necropolis, Jewish Monument and Muslim Monument
Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz Wörlitz Synagogue: "built in 1790 by order of Duke Leopold III of Anhalt-Dessau. ..The duke, a follower of the Enlightenment, had the synagogue built as an expression of his tolerance policy but also as an ornament for his gardens."
Great Spa Towns of Europe Jewish cemeteries in Bad Kissingen, Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně
Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town
Historic Cairo Ben Azra Synagogue
Jewish-Medieval heritage of Erfurt
Jodensavanne "two component parts that illustrate early Jewish colonisation attempts in the New World" (AB ev)
Kraków "The medieval town of Kazimierz, which includes the suburb of Stradom (chartered in 1335), was shaped by the Catholic and Jewish faiths and their respective cultures and customs." (OUV)
Ksar of Aït Ben Haddou Mellah
L'viv Ruins of the synagogue at the city walls
La Chaux-de-Fonds / Le Locle Very fine Neo-Byzantine synagogue from 1896. At the time La Chaux-de-Fonds had 850 recorded Jewish inhabitants
Lübeck historic synagogue next to St.-Anne-Kloster
M'Zab Valley There was a Jewish presence in Ghardaia from at least the Middle ages. In 1962 around 2700 of the. by then. remaining 3000 were evacuated in a special operation at the time of Algerian independence because of fears for their safety. A Jewish cemetery and the ruins of a Synagogue can be seen in/around Ghardaia. See link
Mantua and Sabbioneta Sabbioneta - Jewish ghetto
Mazagan Jewish quarter
Medina of Essaouira Jewish quarter
Medina of Fez Mellah + Rue des Mérinides + Synagogue Ibn Danan + Cimetière juif
Medina of Marrakesh Jewish cemetery
Medina of Tétouan Jewish mellah
Meknes Jewish quarter
Mexico City and Xochimilco The Sinagoga Histórica, also known as Templo Nidjei Israel, at Justo Sierra 71, and founded in 1941, is the third synagogue established in the city and the first founded by Ashkenazi Jews. Since its reopening in 2009, it has acted as a community center and a center for cultural and religious activities. The neighborhood of Merced -at the historic center- held a great community of Jews from the start of the XX century.
Minaret of Jam Tombstones written in Hebrew, probably from a nearby Jewish cemetery, which indicate the presence of a sizable Jewish community
Modernist Kaunas Choral Synagogue
Naples Sinagoga di Napoli
Necropolis of Bet She'arim associated with Rabbi Judah the Patriarch, the spiritual and political leader of the Jewish people (OUV)
Nice Synagogue + a Jewish cemetery on the Colline du Château.
Old City of Acre Muallaq Mosque (former Old Synagogue)
Old City of Jerusalem
Olinda Rua dos Judeus - site of first synagogue in the Americas 1641. During the Dutch rule there was a lot of religious freedom, and many Sephardic Jews originally from Portugal migrated to Olinda. With the return of the Jewish-unfriendly Portuguese rule in 1654, the Jewish community was given 90 days to sell off their goods and leave on the first available ship. Many of the houses built by Jewish merchants still stand today on what was once called "Rua dos Judeus" (Jews' Street),
Paphos Agia Solomoni catacomb church is believed to have been once the synagogue of the Roman Paphos.
Paramaribo Neve Shalom Synagogue 1665
Piazza del Duomo (Pisa) Jewish cemetery (adjacent to the Piazza del Duomo)
Provins "The oldest building in the town is probably the 12th century Maison Romane (now the Museum), constructed in coursed dressed stone. Its location in the former Jewish quarter suggests that it may originally have been a rabbinical school or even a synagogue."
Rabat Mellah (Jewish Ghetto)
Rammelsberg and Goslar Jewish cemetery
Regensburg Former Synagogue at Am Brixener Hof 2
Riga Synagogue
Rome Jewish ghetto
Saint Catherine Area
Samarkand Gumbaz Synagogue and Jewish Mahalla
Segovia Old Main Synagogue
ShUM Sites
Siena Synagogue (1786) in the via delle Scotte
Simien National Park Historically they were inhabited by Ethiopian Jews (the Beta Israel), who after repeated attacks by the zealous Christian Emperors in the 15th century withdrew from the province of Dembiya into the more defensible Semien mountains.(Wiki)
Spissky Hrad and Levoca Synagogue at Spissky Podhradie (the oldest in Slovakia)
Split Synagogue in Diocletian's Palace
Strasbourg Judegass, where the Jewish ghetto used to exist
Susa Esther Scroll
Syracuse The Jewish community settled in the Giudecca quarter on Ortygia until 1492, having built the synagogue and mikvehs in that area. (wiki)
Tauric Chersonese The basilica was probably built in the 6th century on the site of an earlier temple, assumed by historians to be a synagogue, itself replacing a small temple dating from the early days of Christianity (wiki)
Telc Jewish street, with its synagogue now a police station
Thessalonika Hagios Demterios was renovated after the Great Fire of 1917 using tombstones from the Jewish cemetery
Tokaji Wine Region Jewish cemetery
Upper Middle Rhine Valley Koblenz destroyed Jewish cemetery had a small synagogue which is still in use. Plus: The Rabbi of Bacherach by Heinrich Heine
Urbino "The synagogue is located at the entrance to a narrow street, near the city walls and is distinguished by an inscription from the mid '500 in which the hymn "Eternal God", written by Rabbi Mordechai Dato, identified the ritual of local Italian Jews and those coming from Spain, Sephardic Jews, or Germany, Ashkenazi Jews."
Venice and its Lagoon Jewish quarter
Vienna Stadttempel, Underground medieval synagogue
Wachau Cultural Landscape Jewish cemetery in Krems
White City of Tel-Aviv Synagogue at Bialik Square
Willemstad Snoga Synagogue, the oldest in the Americas
Zabid Synagogue
Zamość Sepharadi Synagogue
Žatec – Landscape of Hops "Further socio-cultural features include a synagogue (built 1871-1872), which testifies to the Jewish community’s former involvement in hop production and trade" (AB ev)


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