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Neuroscientist by day, occasional amateur photographer and travel enthusiast. I got into photography doing live music gigs, but expanded to travel and wildlife when I took a 6-month vacation in 2009 after, redundancy from my previous job. I drove solo around the outer edge of mainland Europe (all except Italy and Greece), covering 18,000 miles and taking 40,000 photos.

However it wasn't until I went to Japan in 2012 and saw how many UNESCO-registered buildings were in Kyoto that I decided to document every site I'd visited.

Kyoto has one entry in the list but can't be captured in one photo, so I made a simple rule. If separate locations are named in one entry, and I have to deliberately travel between them, they deserve one photo each. So far I've photographed  93 'entities' from 94 entries on the main list. Although some List items have more than one picture, there are also sites I've visited but didn't photograph at the time. Maybe I'll have to go back to them some day!

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