WHS where otters can be found in the wild.

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Connected Sites

Ahwar of Southern Iraq: Smooth-coated Otter
Bwindi Impenetrable National Park: Congo clawless otter (UNEP-WCMC)
Central Sikhote-Alin: Eurasian otter
Chitwan National Park: smooth-coated otter Lutrogale perspicillata (UNEP-WCMC)
Curonian Spit: River Otter (nom file)
Derwent Valley Mills: In the River Derwent
Dong Phayayen: Smooth-coated Otter
Durmitor National Park: Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) (UNEP-WCMC)
Everglades: River Otters - wiki
Garamba National Park: two species of otter
Glacier parks: River otter, sea otter
Göreme NP: European otter
Ichkeul National Park: Eurasian otter
Iguazu National Park: giant otter Pteronura brasiliensis (EN), La Plata otter Lutra platensis, neotropical otter lontra longicaudis (UNEP-WCMC)
Ironbridge Gorge: a swiftly flowing river in which salmon, otter and kingfishers are thriving once again (sse link)
Keoladeo National Park: smooth-coated otter
Lake Baikal: Eurasian otter
Lopé-Okanda: spotted-necked otter (UNEP-WCMC)
Machu Picchu: long-tailed otter (UNEP-WCMC)
Meteora: Eurasian otter
Mount Nimba: African clawless otter
New Lanark: The WHS boundary includes a section of the River Clyde up to the weir
Olympic National Park: River Otter - Nomination File
Pantanal: Giant Otter
Phong Nha - Ke Bang: smooth-coated otter
Plitvice Lakes: European otter (UNEP-WCMC)
Putorana Plateau: Eurasian otter
Redwood: river otter (Lutra canadensis) - AB Document
Sinharaja Forest: Eurasian otter
The Sundarbans: Indian otter
Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng: Smooth-coated Otter - nomination file
Tropical Rainforest Sumatra: smooth-coated otter (UNEP-WCMC)
Ujung Kulon National Park: Eurasian otter, Asian small-clawed otter
Uvs Nuur Basin: common otter (UNEP-WCMC)
Western Caucasus: Caucasian otter
Western Ghats: Mukurthi NP (wiki)


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