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I love visiting and learning about different cultural sites in India and around the world.

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Sanchi 02-Jul-18

Visited this WHS on the same day I visited another WHS, Bhimbetka caves. At morning 9, except myself and another Bengali Family, site was empty. No English guides were available at that time. Used wikipedia as my guide material.

Wikipedia has excellent information about the Toranas, which have carvings in the stones as if they are carved on wood. Such precision. Lord Buddha is represented as different animals, Bodhi Tree, stupas in those carvings(Toranas). 

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Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka 30-Jun-18

Visited this site on 17/06/2018. I hired a taxi from Bhopal to cover this site along with Sanchi, another WHS. Taxi entrance fee was Rs 300(4.4 USD). Hired an english guide for another 300. Due to shortage of time, Spent around 90 minutes in this site. Such a fabulous site and MP government is trying to preserve the site better. There are around 700 different rockshelter in the area and covered most important among them with the help of the guide.

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