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Evolution of Temple Architecture - Aihole-Badami- Pattadakal

Evolution of Temple Architecture - Aihole-Badami- Pattadakal is part of the Tentative list of India in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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  • Tentative

The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

Community Reviews

Clyde Malta 22-Nov-16

Evolution of Temple Architecture - Aihole-Badami- Pattadakal (T) by Clyde

In November 2016, before visiting the WHS of Pattadakal, I stopped in Aihole to visit the Chalukya temples of Meguti Jaina, Durga, Ravanaphadi, Huchimalli and Lad Khan. Then after visiting Pattadakal I stopped in Badami where I visited the Badami Caves and the Bhuthanatha group of temples.

I sincerely hope that some of these sites get inscribed as a value added extension of Pattadakal, clearly showing the evolution of temple architecture.

In Aihole, the highlight the Durga Temple (open 10 to 5pm, closed on Fridays) which has different examples of experiments in temple design and wonderful sculptures (picture). In Badami, the Badami Caves are a worthwhile stop and some of the carvings are on par (if not better) than the already inscribed Elephanta Caves.

The terrible Aihole-Pattadakal-Badami road is being widened and resurfaced and as of November 2016 the road from Pattadakal to Badami is in perfect condition.

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Site Info

  • Full name: Evolution of Temple Architecture - Aihole-Badami- Pattadakal
  • Country: India
  • Link: By Name By ID

Site History

  • 2015 - Submitted 
  • 2015 - Revision Includes former TWHS Monuments at Aihole (1981)

In the News


The site has 39 locations. Show all

  • 2 Temples in Ravanaphadi Cave Premises
  • B Badami-group Badami Municipality. Dist. Bagalkot
  • Bhutnatha Temple (Main Temple)
  • C Pattadakal Temple Complex Pattadkal Village. Badami Taluqa. Dist. Bagalkot
  • Cave no 1
  • Cave no 2
  • Cave no 3
  • Cave no 4
  • Chandrashekhara Temple Pattadkal Village. Badami Taluqa. Dist. Bagalkot
  • Durga Temple
  • Galaganatha Temple
  • Galagnatha Main Temple
  • Gaudar Gudi
  • Hucchapayya Matha
  • Hucchimalligudi
  • Huchhapayyagudi
  • Jambulingeshwara Temple
  • Kadasiddheshwara Temple
  • Kashi-Vishweshwara Temple
  • Ladkhan Temple
  • Malegitti Shivalaya
  • Mallikarjuna Temple
  • Mallikarjuna Temple. Aihole
  • Meguti temple
  • Mena Basadi
  • Nagnatha Temple Nagral. Badami Taluqa. Dist. Bagalkot
  • Papanatha Temple
  • Partly excavated / partly built structure
  • Ravanphadi MaiN Cave
  • Sangameshwara Temple
  • Temple no 31 (of Veniyar Group)
  • Temple on North East
  • Temple on North west
  • Temple on South East (Sarangi matha)
  • Temple on South west
  • Upper Shivalaya
  • Virupaksha Temple
  • A Aihole-group. Aihole village. Hungund Taluka. Bagalkot District
  • Aihole Group - Ravanphadi Main Cave