Temples, Shrines and other structures of Ancient Kamakura (T) 89%
Ancient cities of Upper Myanmar : Innwa, Amarapura, Sagaing, Mingun, Mandalay (T) 83%
Mon cities : Bago, Hanthawaddy (T) 100%
The early medieval architectural complex of Panauti (T) 100%
Khokana, the vernacular village and its mustard-oil seed industrial heritage (T) 100%
Historical Relics in Pyongyang (T) 100%
Nanxi River (T) 67%
Dali Chanshan Mountain and Erhai Lake Scenic Spot (T) 71%
City of Herat (T) 100%
Medieval Earthern Walled City of Lo Manthang (T) N/A
Vajrayogini and early settlment of sankhu (T) N/A
Medieval Settlement of Kirtipur (T) 60%
The Medieval Town of Tansen (T) 50%
Historic Center of Qoqon (T) 0%
Andijon (T) N/A
The Ancient Waterfront Towns in the South of Yangtze River (T) 100%
Fenghuang Ancient City (T) 67%
Miao Nationality Villages in Southeast Guizhou Province (T) 100%
Bawomataluo Site (T) 100%
Naganeupseong, Town Fortress and Village (T) 100%
Oeam Village (T) 25%
Delhi - A Heritage City (T) 67%
The Central Axis of Beijing (including Beihai) (T) 2024 59%
SanFangQiXiang (T) 0%
Dong Villages (T) 100%
Diaolou Buildings and Villages for Tibetan and Qiang Ethnic Groups (T) 50%
Iconic Saree Weaving Clusters of India (T) 100%
Thembang Fortified Village (T) N/A
Chettinad, Village Clusters of the Tamil Merchants (T) N/A
Monuments, Sites and Cultural Landscape of Chiang Mai, Capital of Lanna (T) 97%
Early Period of Anatolian Turkish Heritage: Niksar, The Capital of Danishmend Dynasty (T) 0%
Tashkent makhallas (T) 0%
Hainan Tropical Rainforest and the Traditional Settlement of Li Ethnic Group (T) 2026 100%
Vadnagar – A multi-layered Historic town, Gujarat (T) 0%
The Architectural Works of Muzharul Islam: an Outstanding Contribution to the Modern Movement in South Asia (T) N/A
The Historic Towns and Landscape of Taal Volcano and its Caldera Lake (T) N/A
Colonial Urban Plan and Fortifications of the Walled City of Manila (T) N/A