Historic Center of Qoqon

Photo by Jarek Pokrzywnicki.

Historic Center of Qoqon is part of the Tentative list of Uzbekistan in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Historic Center of Qoqon (also included in the serial nomination “Silk Roads Sites in Uzbekistan”) is a city in the Ferghana valley which historic center includes madrassas, mosques, the Urda (palace of khanate governors), mausoleums and necropolises. Most monuments are from the traditional 18th century, older building having been lost.

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Jarek Pokrzywnicki

Polska - 30-Mar-11 -

Visited in April, 2010. One of the former capital city of pre-Russian chanats (like Kchiva and Buchara). A little bit disappointing comparing to the other 2 as not many old building are preserved in the city center. Also during my stay the whole quarter of old buildings around khan's palace was demolished (intended fot new architecture ?). From practical point of view it was very difficult to find any accommodation there - all LP hotels were not in use - I found pretty nice new place just outside the center.

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Historic Center of Qoqon
Urban landscape - Asian
2008 Added to Tentative List

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