Significant domed buildings

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Aachen Cathedral domed octagon design
Bagerhat has nearly sixty big domes
Bahá’i Holy Places Golden dome in Haifa
Bat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn Beehive tombs
Boyana Church "The oldest Boyana Church, the so-called East or First Church, was designed and used as a chapel. It had a typical Greek cross plan with a dome, and a concealed internal cross without free-standing support and without a narthex."
Centennial Hall 65m Reinforced concrete. Largest dome in world between 1913-30
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Octagonal central dome
El Escurial
Fasil Ghebbi Castle has egg-shaped domed roof
Florence Santa Maria del fiore 42/5m - Europe's 1st double dome 1436
Genbaku Dome
Hospicio Cabañas dome of the chapel
Humayun's Tomb
Istanbul 31.5m. Worlds 1st "Pendentive dome" AD 543
Karlskrona Trinity Church includes a domed rotunda (wiki)
Kizhi Pogost the 22-domed Transfiguration Church
Kremlin and Red Square St. Basil Cathedral's colurful domes and Golden domes inside Kremlin
Masjed-e Jâme' two extraordinary domes (AB ev)
Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi 18.2m, largestever built in Central Asia 1389
Medieval Monuments in Kosovo Gracanica is a five-dome building
Mycenae and Tiryns Mycenae, Treasury of Atreus - 14.6m 1300 BC
Nubian Monuments The Concrete Dome of the Reconstructed Temples
Old City of Jerusalem Dome of the Rock- 20.37m AD 691
Paris, Banks of the Seine Les Invalides
Petäjävesi Old Church octagonal dome
Rome Pantheon - 43.4m Unreinforced concrete - Largest dome in world between 128-1881
Royal Exhibition Building
Safi al-Din Ensemble in Ardabil Several of the tombs
Salzburg Central dome of the Cathedral
Sanchi Great Stupa
Santa Ana de los Rios de Cuenca New Cathedral has 3 blue domes
Sassanid Archaeological Landscape Sarvestan Palace among others
Sceilg Mhichíl Domed houses
Selimiye Mosque single great dome
Seokguram Grotto and Bulguksa Temple Seokguram Grotto - "The basic layout consists of a rectangular antechamber, a main rotunda, and a corridor connecting the two. This is an unprecedented construction technique by which a domed ceiling for the main rotunda and an entrance corridor were created with more than 360 stone slabs." - AB Document
Soltaniyeh Mausoleum of Il-khan Öljeitü or Dome of Soltaniyeh
St. Petersburg St. Isaac's Cathedral, built 1842, with a cast iron dome nearly 26 meters wide.
Studley Royal Park St. Mary's Church has an inner dome
Taj Mahal White marble dome
The trulli of Alberobello Domed houses
Thessalonika Rotunda
Tombs of Buganda Kings Muzibu Azaala Mpanga
Valletta Our Lady's of the Carmel Church
Vatican City St Peter's Basilica - 42.3m 1593
Venice and its Lagoon five domes of the St. Mark's basilica
Vienna Karlskirche, Secession
Wachau Cultural Landscape Melk Abbey: great dome
Würzburg Residence stair-house


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