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UncleSlavi Bulgaria - 07-Feb-23


Nessebar, Nessebar - this is the city I have been to the most times. I was there for the first time (according to my parents' stories) when I was 3 years old. The tradition of going to the Black sea in Nessebar every year lasted almost 30 years. After that, I also went without my parents, of course.

This is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site I have visited. And to which I always return over the years.

They call Nessebar an "encyclopedia" of Christian church construction. 44 churches from the period from the 5th to the 19th century have been discovered in it so far. (Considering, however, that the island was at least three times as large, it is obvious that the number of churches also exceeded a hundred). Among them are the oldest early Christian basilicas in Bulgaria

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