Minor modifications after inscription

Sites where a "Minor modification” has been approved after the year of inscription. Includes only modifications to the core zone that add or remove a named element.

According to the Operational Guidelines, a Minor Modification is "one which does not have a significant impact on the extent of the property nor affects its Outstanding Universal Value”.

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Aquileia 2017: the inclusion of the Sepolcreto archaeological area
Bosra 2017: Include Audion area, Martyrs graveyard area, Natural spring water area (addition of 14% to core zone)
Bukhara 2016: to include Samanids and Chasmai Ayub mausoleums (in Bukhara city) and remains of the ancient walls and town gate (Talipoch gate)
Cerrado Protected Areas 2017: plus 3%, adding Chapada de Nova Roma Ecological Station in 2017 and the Natural Heritage Private Reserves (RPPNs) Catingueiro, Ponte da Pedra, Maria Batista, São Bartolomeu, Integra o Park, Komodo and Diamante
Choirokoitia 2012: To add recent excavations of a wall to the north
Comoé National Park 2023: more precise borders and alignment with the national park; this means adding parts of Mount Gorowi
Donana National Park 2005: Brought in line with the extended National Park. Including West Triangle, Flood plain of the Partido stream and Los Caracoles.
Durham Castle and Cathedral 2008: To include the central part between the 2 monuments to express the continuity of the territory - so it became continuous.
Durmitor National Park 2005: boundary change to be in line with the boundaries of the National Park approved by the State Party in 1997, thus excluding the town of Zabljak from the property
Florence 2021: incorporate San Miniato al Monte complex (the Abbey and the area embedded within the walls of the homonymous Fort) and its surrounding environment (cemetery, San Salvatore al Monte Church, Veterans Memorial Park and Ramp) (a 5,3% increase)
French Austral Lands and Seas 2023: enlargement of all three component parts, intended to align the boundaries of the property with the new, extended boundaries of the Nature Reserve. The areas consist solely of marine areas. The extension adds 98,970,200 ha to the property resulting in a total area of 166,267,100 ha.
Ghadames 2023: to include the oasis
Giant's Causeway "2016: "extends the boundary of this coastal site by a small distance (5m) inland to account for the possibility of coastal erosion; to address concerns that, should there be significant erosion, the cliff faces, which are key attributes of Outstanding Universal Value (OUV), would no longer lie within the inscribed boundary of the World Heritage property"
Gulf of California 2007 (Islas Marietas National Park and the Archipelago de San Lorenzo National Park), 2011 (Balandra Zone)
Hubei Shennongjia 2021: Plus 8%, adding Wulipo National Nature Reserve
Humayun's Tomb 2016: to include Mirza Muzaffar Hussain’s Garden Tomb (3.34 ha); an unknown Mughal garden tomb (0.82 ha); Sundarwala Mahal Garden Tomb (0.37 ha); Sundar Burj Garden Tomb (0.23 ha); Nila Gumbad’s Garden Setting (0.37 ha); and Lakkarwala Burj Garden Tomb (0.31 ha).
Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works 2011: to allow the re-routed A-16 Road to be excluded from the boundary. Since Route A-16 will now run down and parallel to the south boundary, it is logical to move this boundary slightly upwards, so as to leave Route A-16 outside the property, thus forming a single compact polygon.
Istanbul 2017: The boundaries have been slightly extended to include (among others) the Marmara Sea Walls; Historic grounds of the Topkapi Palace; Remains of the Boukoleon Palace, The Süleymaniye Hamam which is an integral part of the Süleymaniye social complex, The Marble Tower, Fragmentary surviving sea walls extending northeastwards from the Marble Tower.
Ivrea 2021: to exclude the site of the recent housing project facing the ‘Red Brick building’ (Fabbrica di Mattoni Rossi)
Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine 2010 - a number of small changes, including the addition of "the small promontory, beach and inner harbour as the original mooring and landing place at Yunotsu for the Iwami Ginzan mine"
Jeju 2018: new components being added to the property: Upper Geomunoreum Lava Tube System (two components with a total of 46.6 ha)
Jelling 2018: to cover the areas of recent archaeological discoveries, including the wooden palisade and its adjacent wooden buildings.
Kakadu National Park 2011: to include the Koongarra Project Area. Known uranium deposits had led to its exclusion from the National Park and World Heritage site in 1981 with the Koongarra Project Area Act.
Kii Mountain Range 2016: 13% increase in the length of the routes but only 2% of the area: redrawing of routes 2 and 3
L'Anse aux Meadows 2017: reduction of the boundaries, linked to the Beak Point area, which is wrongly part of the World Heritage property
Lena Pillars 2015: including the Sinyaya component, to be added as the Sinsky Plot (becomes a serial site)
Lima 2023: To incorporate six monuments located within the buffer zone. From these, four are adjacent to the property’s boundaries: Prado or “del Corcovado” House, San Bartolomé Hospital, Nuestra Señora del Prado Church and Monastery, Santa Rosa de Santa Maria Church and Monastery; and two are separate areas: Ancient Indigenous Reduction of Santiago Apostle of Cercado and Quinta and Molino de Presa. It now becomes a serial property composed of three serial component parts: Historic Centre of Lima, Ancient Reduction of Santiago Apostle of Cercado and Quinta and Molino de Presa.
Loire Valley 2017 - inclusion of the Estate of Chenonceau (was an inconsistency between text and map)
Luang Prabang 2013: inclusion of some important wetlands and landscape features across the Mekong River within the property.
Manu National Park 2009: "rationalize the boundaries of the World Heritage property so that they would coincide with the boundaries of Manu National Park, and not just a portion of it. The area is near the village of Boca Manú and the communities and settlements in the Upper Madre de Dios.""
Maulbronn Monastery 2019: several waters deleted: four small ponds southwestward of the small town Zaisersweiher and the lake “Eckhausee” in the open field Eckhau. The former lake Billensbacher See is added.
Melaka and George Town 2011: minor changes: in five cases, they correspond to an extension of the property, and in one case a reduction. Including the whole quarter of Kampung Ketek.
Mont-Saint-Michel 2007 - buffer zone, 2018
Mount Wuyi 2017: to add "a section of Mount Wuyi lying in Jiangxi Province to the large component part of the property", and reconfigure the buffer zone
Naples 2011: a 20% increase in area, the modification consists of two groupings, either of elements which were previously separate, or of new elements which were not included in the original boundaries of the property.
Nessebar 2023: add three aquatic parts that were in the buffer zone, including submerged remnants of a linear stone structure, walls of a Byzantine fortress and other archaeological remains of different structures
Ohrid Region 2009 - Boundary
Primeval Beech Forests 2023: enlarging the Dürrenstein component part (Austria) to become Dürrenstein Lassingtal, and by merging the component parts Paklenica National Park – Suva draga Klimenta and Paklenica National Park – Oglavinovac-Javornik (Croatia) to become Paklenica National Park component part.
Qal'at al-Bahrain 2008: to include in the core zone a sea channel, partly natural and partly man-made, which was cut through the fossilized coral reef to allow ships to access the port, and a tower structure built on the western edge; 2014: palm groves and agricultural gardens, located west, south and east of the Qal’at al-Bahrain property
Rammelsberg and Goslar 2008: "the two sites be made into one, and that precise boundaries be defined which are adapted to the cadastral land division. The part added to the property corresponds to a portion of Road 241, between the mountain and the town, and a residential district."
Rome 2015: "extends the property boundary to the walls of Urban VIII in order to include the Gianicolo quarter, the Palazzo di Giustizia, the Bridges Margherita, Cavour and Umberto, essential achievements of the 19th century urbanism, as well as the bridge and the Castel Sant’Angelo."
Selous Game Reserve 2012: 1% of the park was removed from the designated area, to allow uranium mining
Stonehenge 2008: "including the whole of the Fyfield Down site. Scientific work (2000) has led to the conclusion that the importance of Fyfield Down is far greater than initially thought, particularly its remains of earth construction, associated with the late prehistoric period, linked with the Avebury mound. ... also a series of minor rectifications, such as the whole of the West Kennet Palisaded Enclosure complex and the East Kennet Long Barrow and the whole of the Fox Covert tumulus "
Tallinn 2008: encompass the total area of historic fortifications which form a green area around the medieval city, and some key 19th century buildings such as a church and two theatres. Its boundaries would coincide with those of the Old City Conservation Area
Tasmanian Wilderness 2010, 2012, 2013 (to include 21 named adjoining areas that were already under the same management)
Taï National Park 2023: increase of 53%, Firstly, add the managed Fauna Reserve and more than two thirds of the “N’Zo Fauna Reserve”. The new boundaries add a part of the Haut Dodo classified forest in the south-west and a part of the Rapides Grah classified forest in the south-eastern and eastern part of the national park.
Three parallel rivers of Yunnan 2010: numerous small changes, including those to allow for more precision in the habitat of the Yunnan Snubnosed monkey and to correspond with the refined boundaries of areas that after inscription have become a full Nature Reserve.
Trang An 2016, to include: "Dinh mountain, a mountainous area to the south of the property, an area with isolated karst towers emerging from the corrosion plain to the north east of the property, and a slight reduction of the property in the north, to exclude a quarrying area, around Tam Coc wharf, to exclude urban development, and at Bich – Dong, to exclude an hotel. "
University of Coimbra 2019: adding the Machado de Castro National Museum
Vegaøyan 2017: removing the modern farm in Moen, which was included by mistake.
Wadden Sea 2011 boundary change to include the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park
Westminster 2008: "combine the two existing parts of the property into a single ensemble, by including the portion of the avenue which separates them, that is part of St. Margaret's Street to the north and the start of Abingdon Street to the south."
Willandra Lakes 1995 (not labelled as Minor Boundary Modification as probably too early for that): "the new boundary will reduce the total area by about thirty percent, adopted the revised boundaries, as they better define the area containing the World Heritage values and will considerably facilitate the management of the property."


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