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The Crusades

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Connected Sites

  • Albi: Albigensian Crusade (1209-1229), a 20-year military campaign initiated by the Catholic Church to eliminate the Cathar heresy in Languedoc. Link
  • Aleppo: The Citadel of "Aleppo" is a major component of the WHS and has a significant connection with "The Crusades". Link
  • Byblos
  • Caves of Maresha and Bet Guvrin: There is a Crusader church in Bet Guvrin used by the Knights Hospitalers. Link
  • Crac des Chevaliers
  • Curonian Spit: Kaup was destroyed during the Northern Crusades
  • Gwynedd Castles: Edward I went on the 8th and 9th Crusade, in the latter he reached Acre in 1871 (and fought unsuccesfully). On his return home he met Savoy architect James de Saint George. "His programme of castle building in Wales heralded the introduction of the widespread use of arrowslits in castle walls across Europe, drawing on Eastern influences. Also a product of the Crusades was the introduction of the concentric castle, and four of the eight castles Edward founded in Wales followed this design" (wiki) Link
  • Hebron/Al-Khalil Old Town: the Tomb of the Patriarchs mosque was built as a Crusader church
  • Istanbul: The Fourth Crusade resulted in the sack of Christian Constantinople
  • Malbork Castle: Criterion (iii): .... "The Castle is at the same time the major material manifestation of the Crusades in eastern Europe, the forced baptism of the Baltic peoples, and the colonization of their tribal territories"
  • Medina of Tunis
  • Nessebar: Conquered in 1366
  • Old City of Acre
  • Old City of Jerusalem
  • Paris, Banks of the Seine: 1185: Heraclius of Caesarea calls for the Third Crusade from the still-incomplete Notre Dame cathedral. (wiki)
  • Petra: Situated in the crusader district of "Oultre Jordain an outpost of the Kingdom of Jerusalem rules by King Baldwin I. Remains of 2 Crusader Castles. One in Wadi Musa may be outside the (undefined?) boundaries of the site but the other, "A smaller fort was built on al-Habis, a high point in heart of the ancient city to complete their signaling sight-line to Jerusalem".  Link
  • Qadisha Valley: "Comme la grotte de Hauqua, celle de Hadath servit de refuge pendant les temps troubles de la fin de Croisades. A deux reprises, en 1268 et en 1283 les habitants du village de Hadath, poursuivis par les armees Mameloukes de Baybars et Qalaoun, s'enfuirent vers cette grotte forteresse. Il est possible que lors de las premiere campagne des Francs aient fait partie des refugies. La siege de la seconde campagne dura une quarnantiaine de jours. Le patriarche de Hadath, inquietant autant les Musulmans que les Croises, aurait ete capture dans cette grotte" (Nom file)
  • Regensburg: Was "the point of departure for the crusades of the years 1147 and 1189" and the Jews faced "forced christening ... in the year 1096 by crusaders who were passing through Regensburg." (Nom File)
  • Rhodes
  • Tyre
  • Valletta: Valletta owes its existence to the Knights of St John, who planned the city as a refuge to care for injured soldiers and pilgrims during the Crusades (
  • V├ęzelay


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