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Australian Convict Sites Port Arthur in Tasmania operate nightly ghost tours (wiki)
Bahla Fort Omanis believe that there is a jinn which haunts and has cursed the fort.
Edinburgh Castle, Vaults, St Mary's Close and Greyfriers Churchyard
Fujisan Aokigahara, the forest at the bottom of Mt. Fuji, is a popular location for suicide. This gives rise to a widespread belief that it is haunted.
Guanajuato Le Casa de las Brujas or The House of the Witches, was built in 1845, and was owned by a Dutch mine owner by the name of Juan Carson. He was imprisoned for the murder of a man, and his daughter Susan was left in the custody of her aunts in the house. She was supposedly found beaten and starved to death in the cellar after a year. According to legend, Susan's ghost is said to haunt the house and odd sounds, and cold spots have been reported here (wiki)
Gwynedd Castles Beaumaris is said to be home to strange echoes of chanting which have been caught on audio recording equipment by visitors to the small chapel area. The feeling of being watched has also been felt in the long dark corridors and an over-all sense of loneliness can be felt (wiki)
Himeji-jo Okiku's Well at Himeji Castle is often said to be haunted by the ghost of Okiku. She is supposed to rise from the well at night and count to nine before shrieking and returning to the well. (wiki)
Imperial Palace Forbidden City: ... many visitors and workers have claimed to have seen ghosts there, such as a group of ladies-in-waiting or eunuchs walking by (wiki)
Kremlin and Red Square Ghosts of Vladimir Lennon and Joseph Stalin
Maritime Greenwich Queen's House: Tulip Stairs
Mont-Saint-Michel Ghostly sightings of monks wandering the area have been reported wiki)
Pyramids (Memphis) Pyramids of Giza: A man in early 20th century clothing has been seen by visitors, and rumors have reported him to be the ghost of Howard Carter. Various employees and tourists have reported seeing an orb figure that appeared to be an apparition of an Egyptian Pharaoh, float away from the pyramids, and head south toward the Valley of the Kings. (wiki)
Sagarmatha National Park Mount Everest: the tallest mountain on land is reported to be haunted by the ghost of climber Andrew Irvine, who died in his attempt to reach the top back in 1924. His spirit is said to visit the tents of other climbers, giving confidence in their ascent.(wiki)
Tower of London The fortress has been reported to be one of the most haunted buildings in England, since its construction by King William the Conqueror in 1078. wiki)
Versailles Was once home to the French royal family between 1682 and 1789. A few tourists and employees have reported seeing people in 18th century clothing. There have been reports of numerous sightings of the beheaded Queen Marie Antoinette. (wiki)
Westminster The Abbey - Numerous reported ghosts from across the centuries include a WWI soldier near the "Tomb of the Unknown Warrier"


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