Built or owned by Poles

WHS, or significant parts thereof, that were once built or owned by Poles (outside the current borders of Poland)

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Funerary and memory sites of the First World War MA04 National French Necropolis, Military German Cemetery and Military Polish Cemetery – it is noted that the Polish burials date back to the Second World War (AB ev)
L'viv The Domenican Church was commissioned by Józef Potocki
Nancy Stanislas Leszczynski (more "designed" by him than built)
Old City of Jerusalem Dom Polski
Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer statue was made by the Polish-French monument sculptor Paul Landowski
Rome Santo Stanislao dei Polacchi is the Polish national church in Rome - Papa Gregorio XIII concesse la chiesa al cardinale polacco Stanislao Osio, che nel 1580 fece rifare completamente la chiesa, che divenne chiesa nazionale dei polacchi a Roma, e la dedicò al patrono della Polonia, san Stanislao Szczepanowski. (Wiki)
Vienna Gardekirche
Vilnius Church of the Holy Spirit


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