Customary ownership

Customary land is land which is owned by Indigenous communities and administered in accordance with their customs, as opposed to statutory tenure usually introduced during the colonial periods. Common ownership is one form of customary land ownership. (Wiki)

Connected Sites

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Budj Bim Cultural Landscape the land is either owned by the Gunditjmara Traditional Owners and designated as Indigenous Protected Areas, or managed as the Budj Bim National Park by the State Government through Parks Victoria in cooperation with the Gunditjmara (AB ev)
Chief Roi Mata's Domain Most of the land in the core and buffer zone is in customary ownership (AB ev)
East Rennell The land is under customary ownership and the lake is regarded as common property (AB ev)
Fujian Tulou "According to the regulations in Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China, the lands within the area of nominated property are owned by the peasant collectives. The Tulou buildings are privately owned by the inhabitants, and the public structures inside Tulou are owned by them collectively." (Nom File).
Kakadu National Park "Generations of Mirarr people have lived traditionally and used the land within the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park for thousands of years."
Kuk The Papua New Guinea authorities abandoned the Research Station about 15 years after independence in 1975, and the site was then reoccupied by its local customary owners, the Kawelka clan (AB ev)
Nan Madol Nan Madol was granted to the government as public land following the development of the Trust Territory government in 1986 and also remains under the traditional customary ownership of the Nahnmwarki Madolenihmw (AB ev)
Richtersveld The Richtersveld Conservancy is owned by the local community through a Community Property Association (AB ev)
Taos Pueblo Individual components of the Pueblo structures may be owned by or assigned to families or individuals but in its entirety, is owned by the community as a whole. ... As such, management is under the Pueblo’s governing body that includes the Tribal Council.
Uluru "The handover of Uluru in 1985 was a symbolic highpoint for land rights. On 26 October hundreds of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people attended the ceremony when Governor General Sir Ninian Stephen handed over the title deeds to Anangu traditional owners."


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